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Legal Service Officer (Judicial Officer)

We invite you to consider a career as a LEGAL SERVICE OFFICER
and to be initially deployed to the

Be part of our mission to serve society with quality judgments,
timely dispute resolution and excellent court services

The State Courts provide an effective and accessible system of justice, inspiring public trust and confidence. If you have a passion for public service, seek intellectual challenge, and aspire to make a difference through the fair administration of justice, we invite you to apply for possible appointment as a Legal Service Officer (“LSO”) and to be initially deployed to one of the following divisions at the State Courts as a Judicial Officer.

(A) Criminal Justice Division

You will have the opportunity to impact lives by contributing to the criminal justice process which includes: hearing and adjudicating criminal trials; and deciding and imposing appropriate sentences (where applicable) in a demanding array of cases of commercial crimes, crimes against persons and property, drug and other offences. You will also have the opportunity to practise and adopt a problem-solving approach in cases with youthful offenders and offenders with mental conditions.

(B) Community Justice & Tribunals Division (“CJTD”)

You will have the opportunity to impact lives by adopting a judge-led approach and finding solutions to legal issues when dealing with cases in the CJTD. You will conduct pre-trial or case management conferences for cases filed under the Protection from Harassment Act (“the POHA”), Community Disputes Resolution Act (“the CDRA”) and Employment Claims Act (“the ECA”). You will also hear and adjudicate cases under the Small Claims Tribunals Act and the ECA. As a District Judge, you will hear and adjudicate cases under the POHA and the CDRA.

(C) Civil Justice Division

You will hear civil trials and adjudicate the full spectrum of civil disputes that are brought before the State Courts. You will conduct judge-led case management conferences during which you will also assist parties to identify and narrow issues, deal with all interlocutory matters and give appropriate directions for the expeditious conduct of proceedings. You will, in addition, hear applications for injunctive and other urgent reliefs.


  • A “qualified person” as defined in the Legal Profession Act
  • Preferably with at least 7 years of relevant legal work experience in litigation work and/or dispute resolution
  • Strong legal competence/professionalism
  • Excellent judicial temperament, strong interpersonal and communication skills and a team player
Eligible applicants are invited to submit, by 16 Mar 2020, the Application Form (available at: contact the Legal Service Commission Secretariat at email: [email protected] if you have any query.

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