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Recent developments in technology, in particular, the rise of digital assets and the metaverse, hold the promise to change the way we live, work and play. Unsurprisingly, these developments have brought along with them novel issues which challenge the way

The hype surrounding cryptoassets has led to an explosion in cryptocurrency-related frauds. This new and fast-evolving frontier of fraud gives rise to various novel legal issues, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. This article will briefly explain how cryptocurrencies work,

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns have increasingly become a core business imperative. On local shores, the financial landscape is also experiencing a focus shift onto two driving forces - Technology and Sustainability, and green fintech as a progeny of

[Warning: This is a work of fiction to illustrate interactions in the metaverse. All characters and entities appearing in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to any person, whether dead or alive, is purely coincidental. No privileged lawyer-client communications have

Supported by the Law Society of Singapore, the Law Society Distinguished Scholar Award aims to motivate students from the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor programmes offered by the Yong Pung How School of Law (YPHSL) at the Singapore Management

Every year, Law Society of Singapore conducts anti-money laundering inspections (the inspections) into 50 law firms. Small, medium and large law firms with varying practices are inspected and the inspections cover both Singapore law practices and foreign law practices. The

By Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC The publication of Singapore Civil Practice 2022, by Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC, is well-timed in light of the new Rules of Court 2021 (RoC 2021), which took effect on 1 April 2022. It is

Complete this sentence: Proofreading is the b___ of every young lawyer’s existence. (The bread and butter, obviously.) Given how much proofreading you do over the course of a legal career, it makes sense to learn how to proofread smarter, better

Dear Amicus Agony, I have been practising law for a few years now but to be really honest, I am not particularly passionate about it. I studied law because lawyers seemed to have stable jobs, it is a respectable profession and

Keynote speaker for the Opening Ceremony, Professor Richard Susskind, joining the audience via Zoom. By way of background, AIJA (Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats) – the International Association of Young Lawyers – is the only global association devoted to lawyers and