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The Law Gazette

The Law Gazette is the official publication of the Law Society of Singapore.

The Law Society of Singapore

The Law Society was established under the Legal Profession Act in 1967. It carries out various statutory functions, including:

  • maintaining and improving the standards of conduct and learning of the legal profession in Singapore;
  • facilitating the acquisition of legal knowledge by members of the legal profession ;
  • representing, protecting and assisting members of the legal profession in Singapore; promoting in any manner the Society thinks fit the interests of the legal profession in Singapore; and
  • protecting and assisting the public in all matters ancillary or incidental to the law.

The mission of the Law Society is to serve its members and the public by sustaining an independent bar which upholds the rule of law and ensures access to justice.

Publications Committee 2024

The Publications Committee is a standing committee of the Law Society. The Committee oversees the Society’s publications including the Law Gazette.


Debby Lim Hui Li

Co Vice-Chairpersons

Fong Weili
Kishan Pillay

Council Representative

Gregory Xu Weicheng


Amanda Goh Tsu-yi
Chan Wenqiang
Divyesh Menon
Eva Teh Jing Hui
Kimarie Cheang Xiao Pin (Zheng Xiao Pin)
Lance Ang Wen Pin
Leo Zhi Wei (Liang Zhi Wei)
Lim Ming Yi
Seah Li Min, Cheryl
Suang Wijaya
Tan Shen Kiat
Tee Liang Shi
Teo Zhu-En, Joel
Yip Tai Meng Marcus
Professor David Tan (Consultant)


The Law Society of Singapore