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Addressing the concerns of a dissatisfied client is a common and inevitable occurrence in legal practice. Client dissatisfaction may be due to a wide range of reasons. A recent report released by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority revealed that the

Background – The “Panama Papers” Leak In 2016, an anonymous source released 11.5 million client files from what was then the fourth-largest offshore services firm in the world, Mossack Fonseca & Co (a Panamanian law firm), in an incident now known

Introduction Improper witness preparation for the purposes of trial (referred to as “witness preparation” in this article) has been a highly controversial issue in adversarial legal systems. Different common law countries have adopted different approaches in drawing the line between permissible

Introduction With Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, a significant segment of Singapore law practices’ clientele in the future will likely comprise elderly persons. At the Second Reading of the Vulnerable Adults Bill in May 2018, it was noted that by 2030,

How to Fight Bribery and Corruption in Your Law Firm This article discusses some of the key measures for law firms to combat bribery and corruption, including a written anti-bribery and corruption policy and internal controls. Introduction The risks of bribery and

Ethical and Risk Issues with Lateral Hiring Introduction Lateral hiring is a common solution for law firms looking to expand. While a candidate’s experience, cultural fit or client following might naturally come to mind when a law firm is seeking to hire

Introduction “Alternative fee arrangements are inferior to traditional hourly billing.” “Fixed fees are only for routine work, like drafting standard contracts.” “You have to bill by the hour in litigation – how can you know how long a dispute will take?”

Your Reporting Obligations An obligation to make a suspicious transaction report in certain circumstances is imposed by various statutes: The Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (CDSA); The Legal Profession Act (LPA) and its Legal

Reputational Risk Cyber risk, regulatory compliance, and social media in a post-truth era have cast a spotlight on reputational risks faced by companies (and businesses). There have been surveys on reputational risk, which is the risk of loss resulting from damage

Surveys in other jurisdictions have shown that lawyers have experienced sexual harassment at their workplace. While there are no comparable studies of sexual harassment in Singapore law practices, prevention is always better than cure. This article discusses what behaviour may