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Dear Amicus Agony,I used to think that the incredulous turnover/burnout/leaving-the-industry rates were myths (or at least exaggerations). Now, it’s been a bare few years in and easily half of my friends and batchmates have left practice! It doesn’t help that

Derric Yeoh was one of the recipients of the Law Society’s sponsorship for young lawyers to attend overseas conferences. As part of the sponsorship, the recipient must submit a paper on the conference that he or she attended.On 22-27 September

In 2013, a group of designers, lawyers and technologists at Stanford University came together with the aim of developing innovative solutions to advance access to justice. They founded the Legal Design Lab (the Lab), based out of Stanford Law School’s

It’s a familiar refrain. “Step up”. “Make more of a contribution”. “Show more initiative”. “Be more proactive”. Managers give these statements with heartfelt yearning for team members to stretch themselves, extend themselves and challenge themselves. There’s just one problem. Both

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a fourth year PQE in a small firm which does mainly civil litigation. Recently, my partner approached me to do a trial with him where I would be first chair and conducting the trial. I did

Should you change your existing business structure from sole-proprietorship or a partnership to a company? A tax professional’s angle. According to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Mr Ng Wai Choong, in the current annual report for the financial year ended 31

Pressure is an inevitable part of working in the legal profession. While the type of pressure might be different between those in private practice, government or in house legal roles, the impact of pressure on performance is real. Research into

Background – The “Panama Papers” Leak In 2016, an anonymous source released 11.5 million client files from what was then the fourth-largest offshore services firm in the world, Mossack Fonseca & Co (a Panamanian law firm), in an incident now known

Dear Amicus Agony,When I first started practice, I had joined this law firm where I felt miserable the whole time. The boss would deliberately call the office at 5-6pm on Friday evenings to give us “urgent research” to be done

This article is based on a speech was delivered by Dinesh Dhillon, Partner, Allen & Gledhill LLP, at the Australian Bar Association conference held in July 2019.Ethics in advocacy - how far can you go? The short answer is one