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Dear Amicus Agony, I am quite adept in meeting and interacting with clients face to face – this is the modus operandi that I am used to and trained in.  But with the onset of COVID-19, client meetings have essentially all

For the ambitious young advocate, the second chair may seem miles away from the real action. You will hardly, if ever, communicate directly with the Court or tribunal. Clients want to speak to lead counsel and hear his or her

In last month’s issue, Raeza Ibrahim shared about his home-office set up and recommendations on the type of equipment that has worked for him in setting up an optimal home-office. This month, we speak to a few more practitioners to

If discretion is the better part of valour, restraint might be its best. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) took an interesting approach towards the recent copyright infringement of our popular National Day song, “Count on Me, Singapore”. And

Until recently, law firms would typically dictate the terms of business with their clients. Today, economic pressures and evolving regulatory requirements affecting corporations have put clients in the driver’s seat on the terms of engagement with a law firm. Evolution of

1. What was the transition like from working in the office to working from home? I consider myself fairly tech savvy but even I could not anticipate the demands and needs of working from home brought on by COVID-19. The transition

Over the past decade, automation has dramatically changed how companies do business. The legal industry is certainly no exception, with an estimated 23 per cent of a lawyer’s tasks that can be automated.[ref]!/vizhome/AutomationandUSjobs/Technicalpotentialforautomation[/ref] This is the first in a series of

The reforms carried out over the years of independence of Uzbekistan have contributed to the democratization and liberalization of the judicial and legal sphere, increasing the role and importance of the judiciary in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of

Dear Amicus Agony, I am a practice trainee who is looking to be called to the Bar later this year. While I am sure that I would not be practising as a litigator, I am undecided between the finance and corporate

In an ideal world, filling out lengthy requests for proposals (RFPs) to pitch for work is unnecessary. You should rely on your reputation as a lawyer and clients to come to you. Unfortunately, RFPs are now a constant presence, with law