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As a newly minted member of the Bar, you might be eager to take on your first case as a fully-fledged lawyer and finally put into practice all that you have learned and observed from your supervising partners and senior

Let me begin as lawyers do by stating categorically a caveat that I am no expert on mental wellness. I may have acted for clients who were diagnosed with some form of mental conditions but I suppose the reason why

Dear Amicus Agony, I have been in practice for less than two years now. Since the lockdown, I have been feeling rebellious. I don’t really feel like doing my assigned task and I am just shutting off my mind to whatever

Salut, dear juniors. A warm welcome to the legal fraternity of Singapore. You would have experienced legal practice to a certain extent, as trainees. You would have worked with fellow lawyers in a firm, and in all likelihood, you have encountered

Our Ship Has Many a Storm to Weather Heartiest congratulations on being called to the Bar, and for your membership into the legal fraternity. Today’s lawyer is expected to have many more skills than legal knowledge alone. So put your textbooks away,

How to juggle and balance life, work and hobbies Congratulations on getting called to the Bar. Most of you are probably wondering … SO NOW WHAT? Lawyers are essentially storytellers. Litigation lawyers construct the narratives of our client’s cases and defences.

And we are not ok. The toll of the pandemic is taking its course with more and more people admitting to struggles with mental health. Economic stressors, endless lockdowns, the stresses of working from home, in close proximity to others,

Building your brand as a young lawyer; how to make use of the convenience of modern technology My fellow lawyer, congratulations on being called to the Bar! Now that you are starting out in your career, you may feel the pressure to

Dear Learned Friends, As a young lawyer, starting out just like each and every one of you, getting called to the Bar was an achievement on its own. Unfortunately, this milestone is one of the easiest battles out of many you

Heartiest congratulations to the newly called Advocates and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore! We are the Co-Chairpersons of the Young Lawyers Committee (YLC) and this is our brief message to you. Reflecting on the Journey Thus Far First, we invite