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Dear Amicus Agony,I am a junior associate in a medium-sized firm. Recently, Client X sent an e-mail to the firm’s partners (including the managing partner!) to, among other things, criticise me for not being easily contactable and being late in

Many think of COVID-19 as a crisis cast upon us. That, however, creates a false impression of a lack of control. Our response is in fact the combined result of many very-human decisions.With great power, however, comes great responsibility.

In a series of interviews with women lawyers from different backgrounds, the Law Society’s Women in Practice Committee seeks to explore gender equality in the legal profession in Singapore. By sharing these vignettes, we hope to celebrate all of us

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Insurance Fraud Introduction Forensic science is a vast field, encompassing diverse disciplines that support a wide scope of investigative and legal applications. The use of forensic analysis may not be the first thing that springs to mind when

Operational Resilience Priorities While the financial impact of a crisis is what immediately grabs attention, operational adjustments are essential for business continuity and to compete in the new market reality. By “operations,” we mean the organisation and support of the

Dear Amicus Agony,I’m a junior corporate associate and have been in the same boutique firm since I was called to the Bar in 2017. I get on well with my colleagues and bosses and generally enjoy practice. I have noticed

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any other we have experienced in recent memory. It ravaged with such intensity that all businesses were forced to implement business continuity plans (BCP) with unprecedented speed.After the initial shock of scrambling to

It hasn’t taken long for the statement that we live in unprecedented times to become a universal cliché – COVID-19 and the resulting financial crisis is impacting all businesses far and wide and it will certainly get worse before it

With the issuance of the Infectious Diseases (Workplace Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19) Regulations 2020, gazetted on 1 April 2020, working remotely is no longer a luxury or optional benefit. It is now a requirement and is likely to

Disruption. This is one word that can be used in response to any sentence involving COVID-19. In an age where the world is our oyster and we do not have any limits on where we can go and what we