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“The market value of a lawyer is inextricably linked with the non-negotiable calling card of integrity and ethical propriety. The Law Society is finalising a sequel to the 2019 Professional Ethics Digest to be released this quarter. That will contain

Many law firms around the world are implementing an approach called “legal project management,” which appears unheard of to others. It has been described as a “must have” by certain firms and legal departments and a “fleeting fad” by some.

Taking legal training and education to the next level: A case for enhanced academia-practitioner collaboration Calls for reforms to legal education and training are not new. Much of the debate has been over whether legal education and training is fit

Law school is trying. Passing the Bar is no easy feat. Legal practice is challenging enough without having to navigate the murky waters of interpersonal relationships with fellow lawyers. The issue of sustaining professionalism and civility amongst lawyers can be

I had just stepped into the lift when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Hi, you’re Lara Q, aren’t you?” “Er, yes, that’s me,” I said, a little bewildered. I did not recognise the lady. “I thought I recognised

Addressing the concerns of a dissatisfied client is a common and inevitable occurrence in legal practice. Client dissatisfaction may be due to a wide range of reasons. A recent report released by the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority revealed that the

Dear Amicus Agony, I was recently laid off as my firm is scaling down and I am not sure what to do. I am also embarrassed and have not really shared the news with my friends. I have been looking around

The Advisory Committee was asked by a legal practitioner to provide guidance

Going the Extra Mile In today’s increasingly competitive market for legal services, it is no longer sufficient for lawyers to handle clients’ instructions in a professional and timely manner. Law firms need to go the extra mile by providing “value-added” services.

People often fear what they do not understand. Indeed, legal-tech has been met with much hesitation - after all, its underlying technology and software are concepts unfamiliar to many lawyers. Many tend to view legal-tech as an abstract concept that