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The recent full page feature on matrimonial lawyer Wong Kai Yun in the Straits Times (ST 28 December 2021) has sparked widespread interest in our profession on the topic of juggling life with how we practise law. Following the feature,

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and distancing measures have led law firms to accelerate digitalization in their legal practices. With a surge in digital footprints created by the legal sector, hackers are increasingly preying on unsuspecting

Introduction On 9 October 2020, 21 of Singapore’s law firms endorsed the Law Society of Singapore’s Law Firm Pledge on Preventing Bullying and Harassment in Singapore’s Legal Profession, in a virtual signing ceremony. This was the first step towards demonstrating

Dear Amicus Agony, I am a junior lawyer and do not enjoy certain aspects of my work, particularly the need to develop business and network with clients. I definitely prefer to handle the transactions and workload allocated to me by my

As the adoption of niche technologies becomes more commonplace, there is increasing pressure to ensure the technology selected is useful and profitable. In other words, the firm has to justify the cost of innovative legal technology. Key Factors in Making Legal

Some of us may remember an episode from “Yes Minister” which dealt with the issue of female representation in Government. In that episode, the Minister for Administrative Affairs, Jim Hacker, desired to impose quotas to ensure female representation at

So you have just been called to the Bar, or you’ve survived your first year (or first few years) of practice. You may have completed your first contentious hearing, or successfully second chaired a difficult trial. Congratulations! You’ve made it.

Keeping our promise to come back with something more on Document Automation, we now take a closer look at the use of Document Automation or Document Assembly software (used interchangeably) in two practice areas, i.e. Retail Conveyancing and Corporate Mergers

Dear Amicus Agony, I am a recently qualified lawyer and I am the most junior in my litigation team. My bosses and senior associates often e-mail me after working hours, and even on weekends. Sometimes, when I do not respond immediately

The legal landscape continues to change rapidly, and in the next few years, we will see breakaway firms and practices. Will your practice evolve and thrive? Look back at past commentary, and this may seem like a stale retort. However, much