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Amicus AgonyDear Amicus Agony,I’m often caught in a dilemma trying to balance my billable and non-billable work. As we work in a pool system in our firm, I can sometimes get billable work from one partner and non-billable work from

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a newly-qualified lawyer. I am very strict when it comes to following the rules and procedures. I do not want anything or anyone to ruin my chances at becoming Senior Counsel, which is my ultimate goal.Recently,

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution where the rise and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing, robotics, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies are transforming businesses, industries, economies and completely

Headline grabbing articles like “Machines are going to replace lawyers” or “Robo-lawyers are here to take your jobs” have become du jour in the legal industry. In the midst of the buzz and hype around LegalTech, it is important for

Introduction Improper witness preparation for the purposes of trial (referred to as “witness preparation” in this article) has been a highly controversial issue in adversarial legal systems. Different common law countries have adopted different approaches in drawing the line between permissible

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a first-year associate who is new to legal practice. On a daily basis, I endure verbal abuse from one of my senior partners. He says my drafts are “terrible” and routinely calls me “stupid” and “inept”. Often, he

Rapid globalisation and unprecedented growth in the movement of goods, services, capital and people across international borders is, along with the rapid technological change that propels it, perhaps the most significant challenge that 21st Century legal professionals face.On a recent

This article is the second of the Law Society of Singapore’s Legal Research & Development department’s two-part series called “Microsoft Word hacks for young lawyers”. Introduction “I have an authority that was originally cited in full in footnote 1, but I’ve added

Tech-celerate for Law Conference Highlights The Tech-celerate for Law conference was held on 15 May 2019 to commemorate the launch of the Law Society’s latest legal technology initiatives, the Tech-celerate for Law programme and the SmartLaw Guild.  This article provides a

How Three Small-Medium Firms Successfully Adopted Legal-Tech Adopting legal technology can seem like a time-consuming and costly undertaking. In this article, lawyers from three small and medium firms detail their firm’s experiences with legal technology and share their insights into the