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The Real Reason Legal Leaders Struggle to Bring About Change If you are a legal leader, chances are you’ve had to manage at least one person that’s made you want to tear your hair out. They seem smart, competent and committed to

I first met my friend, Hanif, in 2016. Hanif came in Singapore in 2006 from Bangladesh, and has worked here as a town council conservancy cleaner since. Like many other conservancy cleaners, Hanif worked for years in Singapore without returning to

The Law Society of Singapore’s Practice Well Initiatives for 2022 The recent announcement by the Interagency Taskforce on Mental Health and Well-being during the Budget 2022 debates that it would be considering setting up a national mental well-being office in Singapore[ref];

The practice of law is constantly evolving. Information now moves at a much faster pace, and can be disseminated with just one click, to a far greater number of people than before. This is the same for business and professional transactions,

General Communication and Plain English Outside of a law firm and the law courts, we need to communicate with clients, lay persons and business associates. How do you communicate clearly without resorting to legal jargon to make yourself understood? Good communication

What Does a Meaningful Conversation Look Like, and What Real Meaningful Steps Can be Taken? The heightened focus since January 2022 of this topic, due to remarks by the new Law Society President Adrian Tan and the feature pieces in Business

Dear Amicus Agony, I am presently in my fourth year as a senior associate, practising dispute resolution. I have overcome various psychological obstacles just to get to where I am today. However, I have seen many peers give up their careers in

I did so much as blink and yet another festive season has gone by. Sometimes when I zone out in between periods of furious drafting of submissions, I can still hear Mariah Carey's nonpareil version of "All I Want for

The Supply Chain Act covers all companies that are based or do business in Germany including Singaporean companies. This includes companies that have their headquarters in Germany, their head office or a branch office, and that regularly import products into

Introduction This article is intended to assist busy legal practitioners who may be contemplating, or who may have already taken up, an executive appointment with a business entity concurrently with their practice of law. The question of whether a legal practitioner