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Introduction Virtual hearings are increasingly becoming the norm with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Any prior aversion to the use of technology had to quickly give way to remote working technologies, including the use of video-conferencing facilities. It

These days, competition is too stiff for law firms not to seek out every advantage that will help them more effectively win clients and keep their business. Even before the coronavirus pandemic upended life as we know it, the Georgetown

Late last week, I had some contemplative thoughts as I went to my optometrist for my usual eye checkup. As I was asked to recite the alphabets in front of me, I was thinking - 20/20 vision is often an

Earlier this week, an old friend's mother died after succumbing to dengue at the age of 82. My wife's auntie passed away peacefully in her sleep a few days later. Wakanda Forever will never be the same as the male lead Chadwick

When the circuit breaker measures came along in April 2020 and threw the whole of Singapore into a “lockdown”, we all found ourselves trapped at home, not knowing what to do. Many of us quickly found a routine – be

The transition from law school to law firm can be daunting and sometimes frustrating.Unlike law school examinations, legal issues in practice seldom come packaged in hypotheticals designed to flush out legal principles that were taught in that semester. Instead, the

Dear Amicus Agony,I have just finished my training in a mid-sized firm and am going to be called in August. However, very unfortunately, I have not been retained. When I asked my supervising solicitor the reasons for my non-retention (so

With the rise of international arbitration in the global economy, young practitioners have been drawn to the practice area in droves, competing in moot court competitions during law school like the annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and

Congratulations on your admission. The 2020 cohort has already left its mark as trailblazers, being amongst the first lawyers to have been admitted to the Bar virtually. These traits of flexibility and resilience will be important qualities in the days

I am writing this at 7.37am on a Sunday morning. 3 May 2020. Mila is done with her walk. Yes, she is my dog. Kids and the wife are still in bed. I am armed with my coffee and laptop.I