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Ethics in Practice

Introduction This article is intended to assist busy legal practitioners who may be contemplating, or who may have already taken up, an executive appointment with a business entity concurrently with their practice of law. The question of whether a legal practitioner

As a newly minted member of the Bar, you might be eager to take on your first case as a fully-fledged lawyer and finally put into practice all that you have learned and observed from your supervising partners and senior

“The market value of a lawyer is inextricably linked with the non-negotiable calling card of integrity and ethical propriety. The Law Society is finalising a sequel to the 2019 Professional Ethics Digest to be released this quarter. That will contain

The Advisory Committee was asked by a legal practitioner to provide guidance

Introduction This article distills and summarises the key points of the session on Professional Conduct and Ethics held on 3 November 2020, as part of the Law Society’s Annual CPD Day 2020. It focuses on three areas: Conflicts of interest

Law Society of Singapore v Tan Chun Chuen Malcolm [2020] SGHC 166 Introduction It is trite that lawyers owe fiduciary duties to their clients and one such duty is to “[avoid] any financial or personal arrangements with his client or related persons

This article is based on a speech was delivered by Dinesh Dhillon, Partner, Allen & Gledhill LLP, at the Australian Bar Association conference held in July 2019. Ethics in advocacy - how far can you go? The short answer is one

A Clearer Definition of “Prospective Client” is Needed Introduction Lawyers owe ethical duties to prospective clients, such as the duty of confidentiality and the duty to avoid conflicts of interests,[ref] See e.g. Ethics in Practice column, “Duties to Prospective Clients: Ethical

Introduction In a recent Ohio lawyer disciplinary case, two lawyers from different law firms, who were involved in a personal relationship but not married to each other, were sanctioned for disclosing confidential client information to each other on multiple occasions