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Ethics in Practice

On 10 June 2024, the Law Society of Singapore launched “Ethics Assist”, a confidential helpline designed to facilitate a lawyer’s access to ethical guidance. The creation of Ethics Assist is aligned with the recommendation of the Interim Report of the Ethics

“What you do have is my word. And it’s stronger than oak” Jerry Maguire (1996) In a recent disciplinary case,[ref]Law Society of Singapore v Ezekiel Peter Latimer (“Ezekiel Peter Latimer”) (2024) SGHC 90.[/ref] the Court of Three Judges reminded lawyers of the

As you begin your journey as a young lawyer, do take some time to reflect on what you understand being an ethical lawyer entails. To help you in your self-reflection, you can refer to the snippets below taken from articles

As a young lawyer, you will likely come across ethical issues from time to time in the course of your practice. Do not fear. Help is at hand as the Law Society offers a suite of professional ethics resources for

Introduction Proper client management is one of the most important skills required in legal practice. To ensure a sustainable practice, it is essential for legal practitioners to communicate effectively with their clients to avoid any misunderstandings or misperceptions. Recent court decisions

Introduction This article is intended to assist busy legal practitioners who may be contemplating, or who may have already taken up, an executive appointment with a business entity concurrently with their practice of law. The question of whether a legal practitioner

As a newly minted member of the Bar, you might be eager to take on your first case as a fully-fledged lawyer and finally put into practice all that you have learned and observed from your supervising partners and senior

“The market value of a lawyer is inextricably linked with the non-negotiable calling card of integrity and ethical propriety. The Law Society is finalising a sequel to the 2019 Professional Ethics Digest to be released this quarter. That will contain

The Advisory Committee was asked by a legal practitioner to provide guidance

Introduction This article distills and summarises the key points of the session on Professional Conduct and Ethics held on 3 November 2020, as part of the Law Society’s Annual CPD Day 2020. It focuses on three areas: Conflicts of interest