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Alter Ego

As I write this column, it is day two of Phase 2.  Life is nearly returning to how it was on 6 April 2020.  Most people are flocking to the food centres, restaurants and malls. The pandemic is not over

As I type out this column on my laptop, I am sitting in my study, which has become my second home since late February 2020 when the firm initiated its Business Continuity Plan. When the Wife and I set up

Dear Rajan,Today is 31 December 2020.I am the Corona Virus. I am still here. I am not gone. I do not want to go away forever as I have much to show and teach the world.I have been a part

More than five years ago, whilst moving office, I contemplated working from a serviced office. Being a small firm, it seemed sensible not to operate from a traditional office space. Following that, I became fascinated by telecommuting or what is

“You are too nice," he said. "How do you want me to be at a mediation?" I replied. "I am worried," he said. I had given an assessment of the outcome at the mediation to him. "If you are worried,

I have just started watching the legal drama Suits. In one episode, rookie associate Mike Ross questions his boss, Harvey Hecter on why he cannot be caring, kind and yet be a good lawyer. In another scene, the female managing

As we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last month, I wrote spontaneously on the anniversary card to the Wife: “Let us really try and live life this year and not just live to work". The Wife agreed with me, not a

I ended last year with a sigh of relief. I remember 2018 for its burnout, stress and lack of motivation in my law practice. The new year starts with its usual hopes and aspirations.The evolution of law practice is quite

At the recent annual International Academy of Collaborative Professionals' Forum in Seattle, I attended a plenary session on inclusion and diversity. The discussion led by an African American professor Dr Theopia Jackson got me thinking very hard about how I

This year's Family Justice Practice Forum titled Family Practice - A calling of Kindred brought policy makers, social work professionals and lawyers closer together as a multi-disciplinary family working to support families. Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee