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Alter Ego

As a business owner, I have always been interested in branding. I felt that branding was important in building up a business. No one was talking about branding for law firms then. In 2019, I came across a young man who

If I were to be admitted as a lawyer today, I may not go into private law practice. The young lawyer of today has many interesting options – law practice is but one of them. So, I applaud those of

“How has Covid affected the way you practise law?” I was asked this question recently. Whilst we are treading into the endemic stage of Covid now, there is discussion that life is returning to what it was pre-Covid. The new normal

Since last July, one friend that has been constantly been in my thoughts was Malathi Das. We spoke on the phone, a lot on Whatsapp and met on 5th April. Much has been said about Mal as a spokeswoman for women, children

As Singapore opens up from the pandemic, I ask myself when the legal profession will open up. Before I receive hate mail, I would like to ask if the legal profession has kept up with the times and evolved? And did

Law Society President Adrian Tan has raised the perennial problem of young lawyers not staying long on the legal course. This reminds me of my own legal journey. Next month will mark my 25 years in law. And it was

I do not know whether it was the COVID-19 restrictions or continuous working from home or lack of socialising or lack of travel. One thing was clear – I was feeling flat, unmotivated and uninspired a few months ago. For

Mental health has been the talk of the town since the pandemic started lasted year. To me, it is one of the most important aspects of a lawyer’s well-being. Often, lawyers lament that they are mentally exhausted by their law practice

The theme of the Institute of Policy Studies conference held in Singapore this month was Reset. Such an apt word in this climate that we live in. The word stuck in my mind and I started thinking about what reset

Last year was a good year for learning. I learnt many valuable life lessons, one of which was placing others first. In the fiercely competitive society we live in, we do our best to stand up and out amongst the crowd