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by TPB Menon (Publisher Talisman) “When God closes one door, he opens a window elsewhere”, Menon's mother told him in encouragement after he informed her that the Legal Service Commission had turned down his application for a job after his graduation

By Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC The publication of Singapore Civil Practice 2022, by Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC, is well-timed in light of the new Rules of Court 2021 (RoC 2021), which took effect on 1 April 2022. It is

By Senthilkumaran Sabapathy Beyond Prison: Alternative Sentencing in Singapore is a timely publication which sheds significant light on alternatives to imprisonment, with a focus on reformative training, probation and community sentences. Alternative sentencing is an area which is often overlooked and neglected,

Dr William Wan In the opening message in Making Kindness Our Business, Minister Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Adviser, Singapore Kindness Movement poses a philosophical, psychological and practical question rolled into one: “We spend so much of

By Matt Hervey & Dr Matthew Lavy The Law of Artificial Intelligence is a 14-chapter tome about what the law is, and about the application of the law to real-world AI as it exists today. In their Introduction in Chapter 1,

In a recent article, Gartner predicted that end-user spending on public cloud services would grow 21.7 per cent between 2021 and 2022.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of the Law Simon Chesterman In the movie world, Artificial Intelligence or A.I. are often portrayed in a bad light, as killer robots taking over the world in the 1980s to farming humans for power supply

Connectivity Through Law and Commerce Basil C Bitas General Editor ASEAN and the Belt and Road Initiative – Connectivity through Law and Commerce is part of the Monograph Series of books published by Academy Publishing, a division of the Singapore Academy of

“A Clear View of the Law” by Professor Low Kee Yang assumes a monumental task: to take complexity and to distill it into simplicity. In these unsettled and increasingly complex times, the law has filtered into all aspects of daily

Respondek & Fan have once again issued their Asia Arbitration Guide, by now a tradition since 2007. The seventh edition, too, has been expanded and revised, for the development of arbitration law – especially in Asia – does not stop.