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By Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC Notions of fairness and equity are at the core of any functioning judicial system. To most, the touchstone of the extent to which this aspiration is met is assessed through the lenses of the outcomes of

by Warren Chik, Saw Cheng LimThis 480-page inaugural edition is a very thorough and meticulous analysis into the evolving subject of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law. The law in this inaugural edition is stated to be as at May

by Joseph Chun and Lye Lin HengSo you want to change the world? There is no better time than now to reflect upon the impact a major catastrophic event like the COVID-19 pandemic can have on the world. This crisis

BURTON ONG & BENJAMIN WONG. Academy Publishing, 2019.(Not so) many years ago, when I had just embarked on the study of law, my first-year contract law professor impressed upon me (and many others) the importance of reading cases. Textbooks provide

“It’s Tuesday. You’re at your desk. The phone rings. It’s reception. A client wants to speak to a lawyer in your team. Your colleagues are in meetings and you’re the only one available to speak to the client. What do

General Views of the Publication This book is basically a guide to the law and procedures governing tribunals. It is plain reading and digestible by any person, whether he is a tribunal member, practitioner, layperson or researcher. Those responsible for the

a True Story by Tan Ooi Boon A law graduate, Ooi Boon is a law and crime specialist who covered the crime scene for the Straits Times for many years. This is his latest page-turner about a horrendous crime committed in

When should one invoke an account of profits? How should one go about asserting an equitable claim over property? Why does the old count for “money had and received” still appear in 2019 despite regular judicial disapproval? It is no

Respondek & Fan have reissued their Asia Arbitration Guide, first published in 2007. This is the sixth, expanded and revised edition of the guide, a number that speaks for the success of the publication but also reflects the continuing, dynamic

The 3rd Edition of the Law on Carriage of Goods by Sea by Senior Judge Professor Tan Lee Meng is a much-awaited addition to the literature on the subject. Published by the Singapore Academy of Law, it is in various