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Many law firms around the world are implementing an approach called “legal project management,” which appears unheard of to others. It has been described as a “must have” by certain firms and legal departments and a “fleeting fad” by some.

Going the Extra Mile In today’s increasingly competitive market for legal services, it is no longer sufficient for lawyers to handle clients’ instructions in a professional and timely manner. Law firms need to go the extra mile by providing “value-added” services.

I have of course considerable experience of examining and cross-examining witnesses. But I do not know how many lawyers have had the experience of being cross-examined in the witness box. For my sins, I can remember at least seven occasions

Innovation is a buzzword in the legal industry, and for a good reason. There is fierce competition for legal work around the world, which translates to constant pressure to provide legal services more quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. This

Angeline Poon has been in the legal profession for 30 years. She practised corporate law before her current specialisation in risk and knowledge management, where she was the department head for two leading law firms. We take the opportunity to ask

The Publications Committee’s annual Legal Writing Seminar was held virtually on 4 November 2020 with the theme “Out-of-the-box Written Advocacy”. Behind that theme was the urge to invigorate written advocacy and make it more effective. Every indication is that written

In a series of interviews with women lawyers from different backgrounds, the Law Society’s Women in Practice Committee seeks to explore gender equality in the legal profession in Singapore. By sharing these vignettes, we hope to celebrate all of

The Legal Business Landscape Today Technology and new dynamics of the business relationship between lawyers and clients are driving change in the legal industry. The classic law firm business model is losing its lustre. Clients today demand better service, faster turn-around and

How should the role of the lawyer morph during and after times of crisis? Aside from the role of being a technical expert of the law, which is the corner stone of our “business-as-usual” work, fulfilling our function in society

Introduction Virtual hearings are increasingly becoming the norm with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Any prior aversion to the use of technology had to quickly give way to remote working technologies, including the use of video-conferencing facilities. It