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Why Quantitative Skills Matter for Lawyers “Innumerable are the lawyers who explain that they picked law over a technical field because they have a ‘math block’”The Honourable Judge Richard Posner[ref]Infra note 4.[/ref] On 18 June 1964 at about 11:30am, Mrs Juanita Brooks

Introduction Scratch, Python and C++, three of the world’s most well-known coding languages, may not be familiar to many lawyers. In recent years, the coding phenomenon has taken the world by storm with coding being touted not only as “the most

In October 2018, the Law Society working with Accuity, a global provider of risk and compliance, payments and know-your-customer solutions, conducted a survey among both Singapore law practices and foreign law practices to understand and identify the challenges facing law

Rapid globalisation and unprecedented growth in the movement of goods, services, capital and people across international borders is, along with the rapid technological change that propels it, perhaps the most significant challenge that 21st Century legal professionals face.On a recent

The Future of Law The future of law is not a subject that lawyers were taught at law school. Neither would it seem to be a priority for the busy practising lawyer, who has to contend with the overwhelming challenges of

What value do lawyers bring to the table when clients are faced with a dispute or a transaction needing our legal advice or representation? How is this value measured and, in turn, weighed against the costs that our clients pay

Collaborating to Secure the Future of Legal Practice It has been one year since the Law Society of Singapore and the College of Law (the College) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Singapore on 19 March 2018, to collaborate on legal

Hybrid Skillsets and Non-Traditional Jobs Roles Competencies expected of legal professionals are being recast on account of technological innovation, changing demographics, varying working styles and attitudes towards work. Add to that, increasing competition from non-law professionals who can provide holistic, accessible

It is commonly assumed that good trial lawyers also make good appellate advocates. However, in an age where lawyers are increasingly driven to specialise in narrow fields of work, perhaps the time has come to recognise that trial advocacy and

In the Opening of Legal Year in 2014, Lok Vi Ming, SC – the then-President of the Singapore Law Society – cited that “three out of four local lawyers leave practice in the first 10 years of practice”.[ref] See <>