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By now most would have heard of how OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been taking the world by storm since its launch in late November 2022. Why is ChatGPT prompting so much discussion? Its interface is user-friendly, even for the Luddite. One merely

Essentials for the Journey into New Frontiers With the slew of substantive and procedural changes made to the family justice ecosystem over the past year, not least as part of its advance towards Therapeutic Justice, 2022 marked a year of transformation

[Warning: This is a work of fiction to illustrate interactions in the metaverse. All characters and entities appearing in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to any person, whether dead or alive, is purely coincidental. No privileged lawyer-client communications have

Every year, Law Society of Singapore conducts anti-money laundering inspections (the inspections) into 50 law firms. Small, medium and large law firms with varying practices are inspected and the inspections cover both Singapore law practices and foreign law practices. The

Ransomware is a viral issue. Recent news reports of ransomware attacks have generated infectious fears of this cryptic threat.

Forging a New Path for Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Therapeutic Justice Landscape Engelin Teh, Senior Counsel and managing director of Engelin Teh Practice LLC, has been proactive in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scene in her work as a family

The trajectory of many modern day careers has changed immensely. Gone are the days of our forefathers who often stayed in one career and indeed, in the same job and with the same employer their whole working lives. Today’s millennials

Choosing Your Area of Specialisation Happenstance did not bring me here. Corporate insolvency was an area of law that piqued my curiosity when I studied company law in my second year of law school. In my third year, to develop this

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Data Protection are known as the ABCDs of the emerging technologies in the financial sector, generally referred to as “FinTech”. As a fledgling FinTech lawyer, this author recognises that technology is also redefining

It is not uncommon for law graduates to spend a few years practising at a firm, and then leaving practice for in-house roles. As law firms cast a wider net for lateral talent, there are in-house legal counsel who have