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A Simple, Complementary, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Process - An Interview with Lawrence Teh Lawrence Teh, current global co-head of international arbitration of international law firm Dentons Rodyk & Davidson and former chair of the Law Society ADR Committee, speaks to

Some of us may remember an episode from “Yes Minister” which dealt with the issue of female representation in Government. In that episode, the Minister for Administrative Affairs, Jim Hacker, desired to impose quotas to ensure female representation at

Ransomware is again in vogue as a “global systemic threat”, and to borrow the sobering words of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), “the ransomware menace continues”.

Building your brand as a young lawyer; how to make use of the convenience of modern technology My fellow lawyer, congratulations on being called to the Bar! Now that you are starting out in your career, you may feel the pressure to

Introduction This issue of the Law Gazette features the practice of community law. In that light, I have been asked to share my experiences on criminal law practice. This made me think about the questions I am often asked, about the

This is a synopsis of the e-Masterclass on Pricing Strategies for Legal Practice organised by the Law Society of Singapore and College of Law Australia/New Zealand on 12 May 2021. The author also wishes to acknowledge the use of the

With the increased emphasis on wealth management and legacy planning in Singapore, there is a steady flow of people approaching law firms on solutions for such issues, or at least thinking about how best to provide for their loved ones

In last month’s issue, Raeza Ibrahim shared about his home-office set up and recommendations on the type of equipment that has worked for him in setting up an optimal home-office. This month, we speak to a few more practitioners to

If discretion is the better part of valour, restraint might be its best. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) took an interesting approach towards the recent copyright infringement of our popular National Day song, “Count on Me, Singapore”. And

Until recently, law firms would typically dictate the terms of business with their clients. Today, economic pressures and evolving regulatory requirements affecting corporations have put clients in the driver’s seat on the terms of engagement with a law firm. Evolution of