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On 23 February 2022, the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Management University’s Centre for Commercial Law in Asia hosted a webinar to discuss ways in which philanthropic purposes may be facilitated and encouraged in Singapore and elsewhere. Aptly

What I often realise about my clients is that their legal problem doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Some of them steal because they are poor and they just cannot find good employment. Some of them are repeated drug offenders because

I’m writing about exam cheating. In recent weeks, there has been an effort by some commentators to attack lawyers and the Law Society, based on actions of persons who are not lawyers and not members of the Law Society. Six persons cheated

C C Tan Award 2021 The Law Society was pleased to confer the C C Tan Award 2021 on Mr Lok Vi Ming, SC. The C C Tan Award is the most prestigious award presented by the Society in recognition of a

Legal Industry Transformation, The Law Society of Singapore Our Humble Beginnings Our journey began in 2017, with the establishment of what was then known as the Legal Productivity and Innovation Department (LPI). The team originally had three core aims - to

"My savings is quite low, and the worst thing is I do not have any legal knowledge[

I’m asking for a “Be Kind To Lawyers” month in April. April sees the introduction of the new Rules of Court. These are the procedural rules applicable to all litigants. The main users of the Rules of Court are Singapore advocates. All

After their Vietnamese mother passed away, leaving them with no caregiver in Vietnam, two young children came to Singapore to live with their Singaporean father. With no Singaporean citizenship or residency status, the children did not have access to Singapore’s

Lawyers are talking to lawyers about lawyers. In January, I raised the issue of young lawyers leaving the profession. There was a spike in the number of lawyers in the Junior Category giving up their practising certificates. It sparked off a national

The Law Gazette speaks to the two newest members of the Council who just took office in January 2022, Darryl Chew Zijie and Sarah Ephesians Tan, who are also junior category lawyers. Here’s what they have to say about law