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Dear Members,We are living in paradoxical times.We are called to solidarity while staying in solitude. We show love for others by keeping a wide berth. We fight for our freedom by forgoing it temporarily.The term “slowdown” peppers news reports on

The Law Society of Singapore is pleased to have held the first of our monthly Members’ Tea Sessions at Yang Coffee & Toast on 21 January 2020. These Sessions are aimed at strengthening member engagement, to allow the Society to

COMMENDATION LIST The list of top 18 candidates was based on the distinctions awarded to candidates.Name No. of Distinctions Position in ClassMelody Hoay Hong Leng 4 Joint 1stWu Yu Jie 4  Chee Yi Wen, Serene 3 Joint 3rdCheng Le En, Leanne 3  Sim Jun Yi, Andre 3  Ho Yu Xuan 2 Joint 6thKoh Thiam Kwee

Dear Members,This month’s message is predictably and understandably focussed on the COVID -19 virus situation and its practical impact and implications for us at the Bar. The coverage is not due to a penchant for morbidity. Instead, we need to

After a whirlwind of sporting activities in 2019, the annual Law Society Piala Pala Bowling Tournament was held on 14 December 2019 to close off the year.Eight teams of bowlers from various law firms gathered at the bowling alley at

This speech was delivered by the President at the Opening of the Legal Year on 6 January 2020.May it please Your Honours, Chief Justice, Judges of Appeal, Judges and Judicial Commissioners. Welcome and Introduction First, let me extend a warm welcome to

Dear Members,Secretariat wishes all members a very happy new year!We usher in 2020 with uncertainties and challenges looming in the horizon. Are those clouds up above cumulus or nimbus ones? How will the economy perform this year? How much will

Mr Amolat Singh The Honourable Members of the Judiciary, Mr President and members of the Council,Ladies and GentlemenIt gives me great honour and pleasure to stand before you and I am deeply humbled by this award.I am humbled looking at the