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Dear newly minted advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore,Heartiest congratulations – you persevered through law school, endured Part B, stayed the course for your training contract, tolerated your supervising solicitor and colleagues, and still managed to convince

The Power of Passion There is a power that will sustain you through the darkest hour. Keep you energized and enthused for the long haul. Enable you to overcome the odds, setbacks and adversities that could come your way in your

You Are an Emotional Labourer Opening remarks given by Vice President Adrian Tan at the Family Law Conference 2019. The First Time I Spoke to a Lawyer When I was a teenager (which I believe was only a couple of years ago), my

Dear Members, The commemoration of the bicentennial is an occasion for reflection, even for those who are disinclined to frequent introspection. It presents each of us an opportunity to vicariously reflect on the past achievements and mistakes of our forefathers to

“This is the fight of our lives. We are going to win. Whatever it takes.”Captain America Some people move on. But not us. We remembered that night at the Grand Ballroom of the Weil Hotel in Ipoh in 2018 where Team

I was thrilled when on 23 July 2018, the news first broke to the public that a new United Nations (UN) treaty on mediation will be named after Singapore, following the recommendation to sign the treaty in Singapore at the

Dear Law Society Members, We Are Moving Our Service Centre Location! Spanning five decades of golden history, today the Law Society has grown exponentially in membership size as well as scale and complexity of our operations and functions. With a plethora of looming

Dear Member, Retool, refashion, reimagine, redesign, remake, remodel are just some buzzwords we use to label a Change. I have always thought of Change as a polarising topic. There are personalities who continually mourn the passing of a bygone era and