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This was a bit of a foodie adventure from the start. “Where is it?” We arrive at the stated address but the restaurant proves elusive amongst the rows of shophouses. The actual entrance requires some sleuthing to uncover and turns

Beyond the iconic red “Routemaster” buses and the Tower Bridge of London, there is much more to explore and see in the United Kingdom (UK). In this article, we cover some “off the beaten path” experiences one can have in

One of the busiest districts in Singapore isn’t exactly the picture of relaxation if you have frequented the perennially hectic streets of the CBD. However, hidden amongst the hustle and bustle (behind a red analogue phone) at OUE Downtown Gallery

I have just started watching the legal drama Suits. In one episode, rookie associate Mike Ross questions his boss, Harvey Hecter on why he cannot be caring, kind and yet be a good lawyer. In another scene, the female managing

When I picked up Dr William Wan's book, Through the Valley, my first impression was that it is a book for the older reader. After reading the first couple of chapters, however, I realised that the book is for every

Zafferano is perched on top of Ocean Financial Centre, promising elevated views and providing a tranquil sanctuary from the stresses of city life. The view from the balcony is stunning and unparalleled. We see an effortless blend of concrete, sky

As we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last month, I wrote spontaneously on the anniversary card to the Wife: “Let us really try and live life this year and not just live to work". The Wife agreed with me, not a

Some say that food memories are the most powerful of memories, evoking nostalgia and bringing you back to a specific moment in history with all the emotions accompanying that moment. At Preludio, the personal stories of food growers and producers

he tragic news on young Grace Millane’s alleged murder while solo travelling in New Zealand shook the world. The fact that she was killed in a first-world, developed nation and not in your typical “avoid-at-all-costs” third-world country made the tragedy

I ended last year with a sigh of relief. I remember 2018 for its burnout, stress and lack of motivation in my law practice. The new year starts with its usual hopes and aspirations.The evolution of law practice is quite