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Since last July, one friend that has been constantly been in my thoughts was Malathi Das. We spoke on the phone, a lot on Whatsapp and met on 5th April. Much has been said about Mal as a spokeswoman for women, children

Travelling abroad was something that many of us had taken for granted, at least until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Two years of being confined to our tiny nation-state has caused me to sorely miss the array of sights and sounds

As Singapore opens up from the pandemic, I ask myself when the legal profession will open up. Before I receive hate mail, I would like to ask if the legal profession has kept up with the times and evolved? And did

By Matt Hervey & Dr Matthew Lavy The Law of Artificial Intelligence is a 14-chapter tome about what the law is, and about the application of the law to real-world AI as it exists today. In their Introduction in Chapter 1,

Law Society President Adrian Tan has raised the perennial problem of young lawyers not staying long on the legal course. This reminds me of my own legal journey. Next month will mark my 25 years in law. And it was

Plants were never my thing. Ask anyone who has ever known me. I have always enjoyed being out in nature and going on hikes, but I never had any real interest in growing or caring for plants. All that changed

As an introvert, practice can be very trying at times for personalities like mine. Over the years, I have realised that not only do I put on work clothes at the start of the day, I also “put on” my

In a recent article, Gartner predicted that end-user spending on public cloud services would grow 21.7 per cent between 2021 and 2022.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of the Law Simon Chesterman In the movie world, Artificial Intelligence or A.I. are often portrayed in a bad light, as killer robots taking over the world in the 1980s to farming humans for power supply

At the time of writing, the COVID-19 restrictions continued to put a damper on the recovery of F&B businesses, especially those located in the Central Business District. With that in mind, I made a trip down to the Jekyll &