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The issue of renovation fraud and consumer protection is a hot topic for many Singaporeans, especially for young couples who have just bought their first property, and looking to turn it into their dream home. Unfortunately the renovation journey is

By Senthilkumaran Sabapathy Beyond Prison: Alternative Sentencing in Singapore is a timely publication which sheds significant light on alternatives to imprisonment, with a focus on reformative training, probation and community sentences. Alternative sentencing is an area which is often overlooked and neglected,

If I were to be admitted as a lawyer today, I may not go into private law practice. The young lawyer of today has many interesting options – law practice is but one of them. So, I applaud those of

The Basque country, the homeland of the Basque people, is nestled at the border between Spain and France. The Basque people have their own language, culture and traditions – so it is no surprise that they have their own unique

“How has Covid affected the way you practise law?” I was asked this question recently. Whilst we are treading into the endemic stage of Covid now, there is discussion that life is returning to what it was pre-Covid. The new normal

Dr William Wan In the opening message in Making Kindness Our Business, Minister Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Adviser, Singapore Kindness Movement poses a philosophical, psychological and practical question rolled into one: “We spend so much of

Located in the historical Boat Quay in Singapore, La Belle Epoque is a newcomer to Singapore’s bustling and vibrant dining belt with patrons from the central business district after hours working office warriors and tourists crowd alike. The name “La

Like most people during these COVID times, I spend far too much of my time cooped up indoors in virtual business meetings. I was on a call recently with my overseas legal team colleagues but, happily, instead of the usual

Since last July, one friend that has been constantly been in my thoughts was Malathi Das. We spoke on the phone, a lot on Whatsapp and met on 5th April. Much has been said about Mal as a spokeswoman for women, children

Travelling abroad was something that many of us had taken for granted, at least until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Two years of being confined to our tiny nation-state has caused me to sorely miss the array of sights and sounds