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By Professor Jeffrey Pinsler, SC Notions of fairness and equity are at the core of any functioning judicial system. To most, the touchstone of the extent to which this aspiration is met is assessed through the lenses of the outcomes of

Just so that the circuit breaker isn't construed as nothing but a Debbie downer for the year, we're sharing some sunshine hatching from the homes of young legal eagles for those in need of a pick-me-up from the doom and

by Warren Chik, Saw Cheng LimThis 480-page inaugural edition is a very thorough and meticulous analysis into the evolving subject of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law. The law in this inaugural edition is stated to be as at May

In Singapore’s fickle restaurant scene, staying the course speaks volumes of an eatery’s calibre. Nine years on, a meal at Artichoke remains a solid, reliable experience – a reassuring affirmation of how quality continues to have a place in our

As I write this column, it is day two of Phase 2.  Life is nearly returning to how it was on 6 April 2020.  Most people are flocking to the food centres, restaurants and malls. The pandemic is not over

by Joseph Chun and Lye Lin HengSo you want to change the world? There is no better time than now to reflect upon the impact a major catastrophic event like the COVID-19 pandemic can have on the world. This crisis

As I type out this column on my laptop, I am sitting in my study, which has become my second home since late February 2020 when the firm initiated its Business Continuity Plan. When the Wife and I set up

I’m a picky eater, so once I find a good eatery, I swear by it and never let go. In fact, I’ve got a note on my iPhone that lists reliable haunts on a categorical basis: a handy what’s where

Dear Rajan,Today is 31 December 2020.I am the Corona Virus. I am still here. I am not gone. I do not want to go away forever as I have much to show and teach the world.I have been a part

BURTON ONG & BENJAMIN WONG. Academy Publishing, 2019.(Not so) many years ago, when I had just embarked on the study of law, my first-year contract law professor impressed upon me (and many others) the importance of reading cases. Textbooks provide