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Sustainable Paths

Introduction First, let me congratulate all of you on your call and welcome you to the Bar. I share below some of my own insights and observations based on my journey in practice. I hope you will find these useful

Heartiest congratulations on being called to the Bar, and a warm welcome to those entering the legal fraternity in Singapore. It is hard to picture this right now, but some of you are about to enter a profession that will

A hearty welcome to you, my new compatriot at the Bar. I have been asked to write a few words about ethical issues and how a young lawyer can deal with them. When I was called, I remember thinking, not long after

I have been in (practically) uninterrupted legal practice in the more than three decades since I was called to the Bar in 1990 focusing entirely on litigation work. In that period, I have moved from working in a large firm

Message to newly-called members of the Bar There are three types of lawyers in the world. Each type is laudable, and has a purpose in society. Each type is distinct from the others. One type believes that lawyering is a job. It

Dear newly called Learned Friends, Congratulations on being admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor. You survived law school, Bar examinations and Practice Training Contract. Before life becomes hectic, take a breather, and enjoy this significant milestone. You have joined this profession at

The trajectory of many modern day careers has changed immensely. Gone are the days of our forefathers who often stayed in one career and indeed, in the same job and with the same employer their whole working lives. Today’s millennials

Law Society President Adrian Tan gave this speech at Mass Call 2022. Congratulations on being called as advocates and solicitors. Today, each of you has been given something precious: a voice. Should you choose to speak in any court in the land,

Treasurer Paul Tan delivered this speech at the Mass Call on 24 August 2022. Your Honour, may it please the Court. My name is Paul Tan and I am from the Law Society of Singapore. Your Honour may recall that some 15 years

Choosing Your Area of Specialisation Happenstance did not bring me here. Corporate insolvency was an area of law that piqued my curiosity when I studied company law in my second year of law school. In my third year, to develop this