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Implications of Adili Chibuike Ejike and Gobi A/L Avedian This article discusses the difficulty of the doctrine of wilful blindness and the welcome clarification in the Court of Appeal’s decision of Adili Chibuike Ejike and Gobi a/l Avedian. It highlights the

Introduction Among the ASEAN countries, Thailand is one of Singapore’s most important trading partners. As a consequence of the pandemic, Thailand’s economy has been shrinking and company liquidations – both voluntary and involuntary - are clearly on the increase. Hence it

This article shall analyse the Singapore Court of Appeal’s decision in PT First Media TBK v Astro Nusantara International and explores whether Art 16(3) of the Model Law was ever meant to fall within the “choice or remedies” philosophy. It

This article examines salient aspects of a recent UK decision on the use of a novel automated facial recognition technology by the police and considers how they may shape or reshape discussions on the ethics of artificial intelligence.In the

In a significant decision by the Court of Appeal in I-Admin (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Hong Ying Ting and others [2020] SGCA 32 (I-Admin), the well-established test for breach of confidence was modified to provide more robust protection to owners

Examining the Singapore Court of Appeal’s Decision in BNA v BNB and BNC [2020] 1 SLR 456 This article examines the Singapore Court of Appeal’s decision in BNA v BNB and BNC [2020] 1 SLR 456 released on 27 December 2019

The year is 2020. Decades before this, novice lawyers at the Bar wandered about the office, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, asking their seniors, “What can I do to help?” Now, there is no office to go to. The seniors are around

Things may be looking bleak this year, for young and not so young lawyers alike, and across many sectors and industries in the overall economy. However, if we harken back to 2003 and 2008 which was the year of SARS

As a newly called lawyer, the furthest question from your mind now is probably: “How do I want to be remembered within the legal profession?” But beginning your legal career with the end in mind is important, as there is

Celebration. Young lawyer, congratulations are in order for reaching this milestone that you have been working so hard for.You have gone through an extremely competitive selection process to get into this course of study, and to train in this profession. You