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An Evaluation of the Current Solutions to Address the Intellectual Property Challenges it Generates

This article examines (a) the circumstances in which gifts and Inheritances (normally excluded assets) can fall into the matrimonial pool

Lessons from Lian Chee Kek Buddhist Temple v Ong Ai Moi and others [2023] SGHC 172 Cases relating to charitable trusts do not frequently come before the courts in Singapore. This article examines the recent decision of Lian Chee Kek Buddhist

This article examines the lesser known types of costs that are potentially direct contributions under a presumption of resulting trust, namely (a) renovation or repair costs; and (b) legal fees and stamp duty. It is argued that the amount of

This article highlights how the development of the metaverse and the proliferation of collectible non-fungible tokens can have significant implications for trademark law.

In recent times, an increasingly common issue for advocates and solicitors is the issue of whether their clients have the capacity to commence and or continue litigation proceedings.

What can businesses in Singapore do right now to prepare for the AI regulations that are speedily being enacted around the world, and before Singapore enacts our own?

When I was a lad, we knew what the future would bring. It was going to involve piloting our flying cars to the office, holidays on Mars and taking our dinners in the form of nutri pills, because everyone would be

Getting called to the Bar is much like getting your driver’s licence. You can legally operate your vehicle on a road, but you are now probably the most dangerous thing on it. You will face many challenges in your legal

There are certain preconceived notions about mentoring and hence this article aims to unpack what mentoring is and is not.