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On 4 March 2022, the Minister for Manpower announced the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), a points-based system intended to lend greater transparency to the existing employment pass (EP) application framework. COMPASS facilitates the government's ability to, in a principled manner,

The prevalence of DIY Wills online and Wills-drafting services by non-lawyers makes Wills-drafting appear deceptively simple. Yet, the Court of Appeal in Low Ah Cheow cautioned that Wills are among the most important legal documents that one can execute, and

The article discusses whether there is a basis to punish parents for their children’s misbehaviour by considering China’s recent family education promotion law where parents can be punished for their children’s bad behaviour. In light of this, the article explores

This article examines the latest developments in China data privacy regime, from the point of view of how the draft Network Regulations advance the rights of data subjects in various aspects. As both the Singapore and China regimes are evolving,

What law applies to torts and non-contractual wrongs in the online virtual world when the parties and acts traverse different jurisdictions? How does the choice of law rules operate? What novel approaches to this area of law and to online

A Commentary on the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Bill and the Gambling Control Bill It is apt and timely that Singapore tightens the reins over problem and pathological gambling that runs the risk of escalating particularly with technological advancement. The

A Commentary on Pigg, Derek Gordon v Public Prosecutor [2022] SGHC 5. The High Court has held that a prosecution witness’s prior statements can fall within the ambit of the prosecution's Kadar disclosure obligations even though such statements are presumptively

The new Rules of Court (ROC 2021) in Singapore were gazetted on 1 December 2021, and will come into operation on 1 April 2022. This entry assesses the impact of the new civil justice regime on the Singapore courts’ approach

This article analyses the contrasting judicial approaches in recent Singapore and Malaysian decisions on what amounts to acting or practising as a solicitor. The author suggests that although the Singapore framework is sound, certain aspects of its application should be

The volume of accessible data is growing today. Big data is attractive. It promises insights that many assume have the potential to unlock business opportunities and to help improve products and service, driving business growth. To unlock personal data for