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The Singapore and UK Approaches to a Three-party Situation The law on unjust enrichment has suffered from much uncertainty – especially in a three-party situation where the claimant is the transferor of a benefit through an intermediary, and the defendant is

Cloud storage is changing our lives in many ways. Whether one uses it to store personal data or as a repository of confidential business documents, cloud storage appears to be the future of storing and retrieving data securely and conveniently.

Under section 23(1)(k) of the Mental Capacity Act 2008 (MCA), the Court’s powers in respect of the mentally incapacitated person (P)’s property and affairs include “the execution for P of a will”. Such a simple sentence has led to controversy,

Introduction First, let me congratulate all of you on your call and welcome you to the Bar. I share below some of my own insights and observations based on my journey in practice. I hope you will find these useful

Heartiest congratulations on being called to the Bar, and a warm welcome to those entering the legal fraternity in Singapore. It is hard to picture this right now, but some of you are about to enter a profession that will

A hearty welcome to you, my new compatriot at the Bar. I have been asked to write a few words about ethical issues and how a young lawyer can deal with them. When I was called, I remember thinking, not long after

I have been in (practically) uninterrupted legal practice in the more than three decades since I was called to the Bar in 1990 focusing entirely on litigation work. In that period, I have moved from working in a large firm

Blockchain technology promises a “trustless” framework for transactions but in practice there remain multiple roles for intermediaries and thus a need, from time to time, to have recourse to the courts. While crypto assets do not fit neatly into existing

Wills are widely recognised as tools of estate planning or as a clear statement from the testator on how his/her assets should be divided after death. They are arguably even more important in cases involving cohabiting partners and illegitimate children.

On 4 March 2022, the Minister for Manpower announced the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), a points-based system intended to lend greater transparency to the existing employment pass (EP) application framework. COMPASS facilitates the government's ability to, in a principled manner,