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Mentorship. It is a well-entrenched idea within professional development and talent management circles. All respectable institutions wax lyrical about it in their recruitment drives and employees are encouraged to seek it out. It features in almost every appraisal discussion. Yet, what

Finding the Right Path Forward Congratulations ! You have come a long way, from being qualified for law schools, to securing training contracts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and finally to being admitted to the Bar! This is indeed

In the Disney Pixar movie, “Soul”, the main characters, Joe and Soul 22 are engaged in dialogue in the fantastical place called The Great Before. Soul 22 turns to Joe and says, “You can’t crush a soul here. That’s what

They say that, when choosing a pet, we should let the pet choose us. Sit on the floor, they say, among the puppies or kittens, and see which one comes to you. The same happens, consciously or not, in “choosing”

While the powers under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act (Chapter 178A, Rev. Ed. 2012) (MHCTA) in relation to the involuntary admission or detention of mentally disordered persons under dangerous circumstances is necessary for the protection of the health

A Practitioner’s View on the Issue of Financial Abuse of the Elderly in Singapore There are increasing anecdotal evidence of elderly suffering from financial abuse, but frustratingly, not enough debate and conversations on how to prevent it. This article aims to

This article assesses whether memes which are circulated on social media and the internet would be considered fair use or fair dealing under Singapore copyright law. It makes references to the decisions of the US Supreme Court and Circuit Courts

Since the formation of the Sentencing Council in March 2013, the number of sentencing guideline judgments have proliferated. There are six common sentencing approaches: “five-step sentencing bands” approach; “two-step sentencing bands” approach; “sentencing matrix” approach; “multiple starting points” approach; “benchmark” approach;

As a general rule, costs on an indemnity basis should be exceptional, and ought to be exceptionally justified. In BTN v BTP [2021] SGHC 38, the Singapore High Court considered the desirability of a default rule awarding costs on an

As the world and employers alike want to see things go back to “normal” after over a year into the fight against COVID-19, many are hoping the vaccines will be a tool to help with this. Can employers require employees