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By the time you read this article, the law practice that you are or will be practising in would have received a complimentary copy of the Professional Ethics Digest 2019 (the Digest), published by the Law Society. The Digest compiles

Dear Siraj,It’s hard to believe that four years of law school and an intense pupillage have flown by. Tomorrow, you will be called to the Bar.This may feel like just another qualification at this point. But in the years to

Dear newly called advocate and solicitor,Congratulations. Now that you are called to the Bar, how do you plan to approach your next stage of life as a corporate lawyer?While law school provides a good foundation for legal research and essential

Dear Young Lawyer,My heartiest congratulations to you on your call to the Bar. I recall being very happy, very satisfied when I got called to the Bar years ago. Finally, all those hard work from your days of education and

As Singapore commemorates its bicentennial, we look back at the year 1819 when British law was first “introduced” into Singapore. The article argues that at the “founding” of modern Singapore, international law played a far larger role than the English

This article looks back to the changes to the way law was practised in the days before the technological boom. The way we work will always keep changing. The name for that is progress; but we have never experienced so vast

This article explores the positives and negatives that have resulted from the British rule of Singapore.We are commemorating the 200th anniversary of the founding of Singapore by the British. It is fair to say that, if Raffles had not established

In the evolution of the law on vicarious liability, major developments have taken place in the past two decades. More notably, the apex courts of the UK have extended the application of vicarious liability to quasi-employees and beyond. In Singapore,

What rights may be legally enforced in relation to cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and smart contracts? What is the legal basis for enforcing any such rights? Are digital assets choses in possession, choses in action, or some third category of property?

It is a commonly held view that third-party funding in Singapore is only permissible in international arbitration and insolvency cases. However, a close reading of Singapore case law suggests that public policy allows funding of commercial litigation as well.2017 marked