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Judges are not, and should not be, immune from investigation and prosecution for criminal conduct.

Litigation is never certain, they can escalate, drain financial reserves, and impact profitability.

The growing concern over online harms has become a pressing issue both internationally and within Singapore, leading to a heightened sense of urgency among governments to find effective regulatory solutions. In Singapore, there appears to be a shift towards holding

Pitfalls of Lease Renewal Clauses A recent case in the High Court has provided new insights into the law concerning lease renewals. This article discusses how to approach reviewing lease agreements, with focus on drafting lease renewal clauses and with reference

Answers from the Present and Questions for the Future This article examines the law on when directors’ fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of the company are modified to require the interests of creditors to be considered. Through the

This article discusses key takeaways from the UK Supreme Court decision in Byers v Saudi National Bank on the law of knowing receipt, possible implications of Byers v Saudi National Bank on Singapore’s law on knowing receipt, as well as

This article explores liability for text and image content produced by generative AI. In the case of wrong output, or hate speech/toxic output – who should be responsible (given the many parties involved in developing and deploying the AI system

In Singapore, recent prominent cases under the Geographical Indications Act 2014 (GI), have drawn attention to the Singapore Courts’ stance on the protection of geographical indications (GIs) and how they ensure the need for consumer protection. The article compares the

This article gives an overview of the Malaysian Admiralty Court set up in 2010 as well as the law and practice of Ship Arrests in Malaysia. The article also provides some key differences from the Admiralty law of Singapore. Ultimately,

In a world where our online lives are as rich as our offline ones, what happens to our digital presence when we are gone? We examine how current estate planning laws do not amply deal with how digital accounts are