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This article explores the current state of Singapore law with respect to restrictive covenants in an employment context, and briefly discusses the upcoming guidelines regarding restrictive covenants to be developed and issued by the Singapore Tripartite Partners.

This article describes the evolving concept of "cybersecurity" to cope with the rapid changes in the infocomm tech landscape and artificial intelligence.

A bailor or surety ought to fully appreciate the responsibility of standing bail for an accused person. In fact, the obligation of standing bail has often been lauded as one of the foundations of the proper administration of the criminal

This article analyses two recent developments in the law relating to anti-suit injunctions to enforce arbitration agreements: (i) the first stems from the decision of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) in Gate Gourmet Korea Co. Ltd. and others v

This article analyses some of the legal issues raised by Federated Learning (FL) – a method to train algorithms for artificial intelligence systems, on data held across different data sets, without sharing the data sets. This article will explain what

Judges are not, and should not be, immune from investigation and prosecution for criminal conduct.

Litigation is never certain, they can escalate, drain financial reserves, and impact profitability.

The growing concern over online harms has become a pressing issue both internationally and within Singapore, leading to a heightened sense of urgency among governments to find effective regulatory solutions. In Singapore, there appears to be a shift towards holding

Pitfalls of Lease Renewal Clauses A recent case in the High Court has provided new insights into the law concerning lease renewals. This article discusses how to approach reviewing lease agreements, with focus on drafting lease renewal clauses and with reference

Answers from the Present and Questions for the Future This article examines the law on when directors’ fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of the company are modified to require the interests of creditors to be considered. Through the