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Laws against cancel culture are in the works. But the complex sociological nuances driving this phenomenon make cancel culture difficult to legislate against. We examine some challenges and possible legislative features that lawmakers should consider so that a hard-law approach

The British East India Company 1819–1824 (Part 1) This is a much revised and truncated version of a much longer chapter written in connection with the Law Society’s Administration of Justice in Singapore 1819–1942 project for which the Society was awarded

This article examines the recent Singapore Court of Appeal decision in Poh Yuan Nie v Public Prosecutor and another matter [2022] SGCA 74, which considered the novel issue of whether the word “dishonest” in the phrase “dishonest concealment of facts”

Is the postmodern condition of the death of the author in literary criticism fast becoming a reality in copyright law? Not yet. The limitless potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse information, execute complex tasks, create and invent, has yet

Inheriting its legal history from English law, the mutual wills doctrine has operated in Singapore for decades. Yet, the doctrine of mutual wills remains a mystery to many lawyers, let alone lay persons. Indeed, it remains challenging to understand the

Recent developments in technology, in particular, the rise of digital assets and the metaverse, hold the promise to change the way we live, work and play. Unsurprisingly, these developments have brought along with them novel issues which challenge the way

The hype surrounding cryptoassets has led to an explosion in cryptocurrency-related frauds. This new and fast-evolving frontier of fraud gives rise to various novel legal issues, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. This article will briefly explain how cryptocurrencies work,

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns have increasingly become a core business imperative. On local shores, the financial landscape is also experiencing a focus shift onto two driving forces - Technology and Sustainability, and green fintech as a progeny of

The Singapore and UK Approaches to a Three-party Situation The law on unjust enrichment has suffered from much uncertainty – especially in a three-party situation where the claimant is the transferor of a benefit through an intermediary, and the defendant is

Cloud storage is changing our lives in many ways. Whether one uses it to store personal data or as a repository of confidential business documents, cloud storage appears to be the future of storing and retrieving data securely and conveniently.