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Piala Pala 2024

The Law Society’s annual Piala Pala Championship 2024 was held on Saturday, 27 January 2024. To pay homage to Piala Pala’s long-standing tradition and history, this year’s eligibility criteria required teams to comprise minimally of two lawyers and/or staff from the same legal practice and/or legal service.

On the early Saturday morning, 10 teams of bowlers from a variety of law practices and legal services gathered at the Chinese Swimming Club to ready themselves for the fierce competition, each vying for the chance to etch their name in history and onto the newly minted Piala Pala Cup.

From the start of the competition, Team LegalWorks Law Corporation pulled far ahead, with Kenneth Teo finishing the first game with a 298, two pins shy from perfection.

As the competition progressed, Team LegalWorks Law Corporation cemented their lead with steady and consistent high scores. The only other team that had a sliver of a chance to snatch the Cup from Team LegalWorks Law Corporation was Drew & Napier Team 1. The pressure was on for the 2019 champion to reclaim its title.

Drew & Napier Team 1 had a slow start, and tried hard to catch up to Team LegalWorks Law Corporation. However, despite putting up a valiant fight and closing the gap, Team LegalWorks Law Corporation secured a decisive lead over Drew & Napier Team 1 with a difference of more than 150 pins. Drew & Napier Team 1 finished second.

A special shoutout to Harry Elias Team 1, who finished third as a result of an amazing carry by female singles champion Lorraine Fong. Lorraine achieved an outstanding record breaking total pinfall of 1181 for four games.

Competition aside, the Piala Pala Competition was also a good opportunity for kindred spirits to gather, mingle and have fun. Bowlers connected over friendly rivalry, food, and with the occasional verbal jousting on the lanes.

Congratulations to the winners:

Team Champion: Team LegalWorks Law Corporation

  1. Kenneth Teo
  2. Dorothy Tay
  3. Calvin Thean

Team Runner-Up: Drew & Napier Team 1

  1. Meryl Koh
  2. Marcus Chan
  3. Javier Yeo

Team 2nd Runner-Up: Harry Elias Partnership Team 1

  1. Lorraine Fong
  2. Carrie Gill
  3. Amerjeet Singh s/o Jaswant Singh

Men’s Singles:

  1. Kenneth Teo (975)
  2. Calvin Thean (868)
  3. Ian Wong (850)

Female Singles:

  1. Lorraine Fong (1181)
  2. Meryl Koh (918)
  3. Nicole Lau (859)

Men High Game

Kenneth Teo (298)

Female High Game

Lorraine Fong (300)

All the bowlers together with the GOH Steven Lam gathered for Piala Pala 2024

Team LegalWorks, smiling proudly winning the Piala Pala Trophy for the year 2024!

Team Runner-Up: Drew & Napier Team 1

Team 2nd Runner-Up: Harry Elias Partnership Team 1

Men’s High Game Scorer, Kenneth Teo (left), with a high game score of 298

Women’s High Game Scorer, Lorraine Fong, with a whopping score of 300!

Bowling Convenor
Drew & Napier LLC