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President’s Message

Better Safe Than Sorry Better safe than sorry. This likely sums up the present planned phased exit of the Circuit Breaker (CB) phase. It is not the jumpstart that a number were looking for. Many lawyers are eager to return to

Maintaining Connection at a Time of Distancing As members know from Prime Minister’s announcement on 21 April, the Circuit Breaker period will be extended until 1 June. In the past two weeks and more, the legal profession en masse had to urgently

Dear Members,This month’s message is predictably and understandably focussed on the COVID -19 virus situation and its practical impact and implications for us at the Bar. The coverage is not due to a penchant for morbidity. Instead, we need to

This speech was delivered by the President at the Opening of the Legal Year on 6 January 2020.May it please Your Honours, Chief Justice, Judges of Appeal, Judges and Judicial Commissioners. Welcome and Introduction First, let me extend a warm welcome to

As the last year and decade draws to a close, I shall take time in this final message of the year to bid a short farewell from the Bar to our old Bar Room at the octagon shaped State Courts.

This speech was delivered by the President at the Law Society’s Annual Dinner on 15 November 2019.Distinguished Members of the Judiciary, Justices Chan Seng Onn, Tan Siong Thye, Vinodh Coomaraswamy and Judicial Commissioner Vincent HoongInternational Guests, Chunghwan Choi, President LAWASIA;

This speech was made by the President at the official launch of the Law Society’s new premises at Maxwell Chambers Suites on 10 October 2019.Guest of Honour Minister for Law, K Shanmugam SC, Distinguished Members of the Supreme Court Judiciary, Esteemed Former

Dear Law Society members,This month, to give you a high level snapshot of our Law Society Pro Bono’s (LSPB) services in this past year in fulfilling Law Society’s access to justice mission, I shall share my message for the LSPB

The Power of Passion There is a power that will sustain you through the darkest hour. Keep you energized and enthused for the long haul. Enable you to overcome the odds, setbacks and adversities that could come your way in your

You Are an Emotional Labourer Opening remarks given by Vice President Adrian Tan at the Family Law Conference 2019. The First Time I Spoke to a Lawyer When I was a teenager (which I believe was only a couple of years ago), my