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President’s Message

Recently, I hosted the Presidents of Law Associations of Asia, or POLA, in Singapore. This is an annual international conference of legal industry leaders. But the pandemic halted POLA meetings for two years. This September, Singapore was fortunate in being

Message to newly-called members of the Bar There are three types of lawyers in the world. Each type is laudable, and has a purpose in society. Each type is distinct from the others. One type believes that lawyering is a job. It

Welcome to the 30th anniversary of the Singapore Law Gazette! The Law Gazette started in 1992. Does it seem a long time ago? Some of our advocates and solicitors may not even have been born that year. Let me remind you what

A young man is tricked into becoming a pawn for an insurance scam. An intellectually disabled man finds himself in court after repeatedly calling the fire brigade each time he was stressed. An alcoholic faces mandatory imprisonment after stealing alcohol from a

Let’s discuss the law firm environment and the legal profession. Recently, two lawyers were struck off the rolls for misconduct in their own offices. The first, a managing director of his law corporation, repeatedly slapped an associate and pushed a secretary to

I’m writing about exam cheating. In recent weeks, there has been an effort by some commentators to attack lawyers and the Law Society, based on actions of persons who are not lawyers and not members of the Law Society. Six persons cheated

I’m asking for a “Be Kind To Lawyers” month in April. April sees the introduction of the new Rules of Court. These are the procedural rules applicable to all litigants. The main users of the Rules of Court are Singapore advocates. All

Lawyers are talking to lawyers about lawyers. In January, I raised the issue of young lawyers leaving the profession. There was a spike in the number of lawyers in the Junior Category giving up their practising certificates. It sparked off a national

This was the speech delivered by the President at the Opening of the Legal Year on 10 January 2022. May it please Your Honours, Chief Justice, Justices of Appeal, Justices and Judicial Commissioners of the Supreme Court. Notable Appointments and Departures

Try a Little Kindness Introduction The chorus of an old country and western song in the 1970s first recorded by Glen Campbell goes: “You’ve got to try a little kindness Yes, show a little kindness Just shine your light for everyone to see And if you