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The Singapore Law Gazette

President’s Message

This month’s recommended reading is Kenji Ong’s article, The Evolution of Practice.

The article is featured in our June issue of the Law Gazette, as part of a regular column by our Young Lawyer’s Committee.

Kenji is from Meritus Law LLC. He’s special because he’s part of the last batch of lawyers that took part in Mass Call before Covid hit us.

Kenji was part of the 2019 batch. That batch had their calls in the Supreme Court, complete with parents and well-wishers.

They mingled in the corridors of the courts, while waiting for their hearings.

They hung around the bar rooms, absorbing lawyer culture from their seniors while enjoying a hot nourishing beverage.

Virtual hearings? Zoom? What were those things?

Covid is over. But its effects remain, perhaps forever. Reading Kenji’s article is like sitting in a time travel machine.

For the post-Covid lawyers, do step on board and see what practice was like before the pandemic. That was a time when lawyers socialised more, wasted more time exchanging personal news, and talked about the latest developments. It was a time when we sat in courtrooms waiting our turn, while observing our seniors perform before us. It was a different time: I wonder if it will ever return?

President (January 2022 to July 2023)
The Law Society of Singapore