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In the realm of international business and commerce, the significance of effective dispute resolution mechanisms cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to intellectual property (IP) rights. This emphasis grows in regions like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN),

This article explores the benefits and drawbacks of how AI has the potential to both ease and burden lawyers’ work life balance. On one hand it can bring efficiency to your day and remove the admin tasks which take up

Each year thousands of Singaporeans move abroad to pursue education opportunities at universities around the globe. Some of the top destinations Singaporeans choose to study include Australia, United States, and United Kingdom. It is estimated that the number of Singaporeans

“What’s their work-from-home policy like?” That’s the question we get 80% of the time when speaking with lawyers looking out for new roles. Working from home, or “WFH”, has become everyday parlance. It is also a significant factor that influences people’s decisions

For over a decade, purpose-built AI has been infiltrating document review workflows, ushering in greater efficiency and cost reduction in litigation, investigations and dispute resolution. While manual review remains the status quo in Singapore at present, the imperative for AI-powered

You’re almost in KL! The city centre is just about an hour’s drive from the Seremban rest stop. No surprise that many Singaporeans will be stopping at this major rest and relax stop to refuel or recharge (for EVs) or

The annual practising certificate (PC) renewal exercise will commence soon on 1 March 2024. In order to continue practising as an advocate and solicitor, you will need to apply for a PC for the practice year 2024/2025 (1 April 2024

Whether refreshing current Knowledge Management (KM) systems or starting a KM programme from scratch, this article sets out some essential steps on how to design and approach KM in a holistic manner. What is KM? KM for lawyers generally refers to strategies

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has grown in popularity in recent years due to its expediency, flexibility, and synergy with disputants' interests. Mediation, in particular, has received increasing attention as a proactive method of ADR because the process is more collaborative

Reactions to SIDRA’s International Dispute Resolution Survey This the third instalment of a three-part series of articles focuses on the SIDRA Survey findings in international commercial litigation (ICL), particularly the respondents’ satisfaction with the cost and speed of ICL and how