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General Communication and Plain English Outside of a law firm and the law courts, we need to communicate with clients, lay persons and business associates. How do you communicate clearly without resorting to legal jargon to make yourself understood? Good communication

What Does a Meaningful Conversation Look Like, and What Real Meaningful Steps Can be Taken? The heightened focus since January 2022 of this topic, due to remarks by the new Law Society President Adrian Tan and the feature pieces in Business

Since time immemorial, lawyers have been glamorized and romanticized from Hollywood to Mediacorp in movies, dramas, the media, and basically by everyone. Lawyers are glamorized and romanticized because becoming and being one is not easy. Law faculties around the world

I have followed the recent discussions on the exodus (also known as “The Great Resignation”), particularly of younger lawyers. This has raised concerns. Is the attrition rate a sign of something direr? Having practised law for close to 30 years, I

The recent full page feature on matrimonial lawyer Wong Kai Yun in the Straits Times (ST 28 December 2021) has sparked widespread interest in our profession on the topic of juggling life with how we practise law. Following the feature,

Let me begin as lawyers do by stating categorically a caveat that I am no expert on mental wellness. I may have acted for clients who were diagnosed with some form of mental conditions but I suppose the reason why

How to juggle and balance life, work and hobbies Congratulations on getting called to the Bar. Most of you are probably wondering … SO NOW WHAT? Lawyers are essentially storytellers. Litigation lawyers construct the narratives of our client’s cases and defences.

And we are not ok. The toll of the pandemic is taking its course with more and more people admitting to struggles with mental health. Economic stressors, endless lockdowns, the stresses of working from home, in close proximity to others,

Dear Learned Friends, As a young lawyer, starting out just like each and every one of you, getting called to the Bar was an achievement on its own. Unfortunately, this milestone is one of the easiest battles out of many you

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate and welcome all of you to our noble profession. You should take pride in all the accomplishments that have brought you to this day. I am certain that all of you would