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Late last week, I had some contemplative thoughts as I went to my optometrist for my usual eye checkup. As I was asked to recite the alphabets in front of me, I was thinking - 20/20 vision is often an

Congratulations on your admission. The 2020 cohort has already left its mark as trailblazers, being amongst the first lawyers to have been admitted to the Bar virtually. These traits of flexibility and resilience will be important qualities in the days

I am writing this at 7.37am on a Sunday morning. 3 May 2020. Mila is done with her walk. Yes, she is my dog. Kids and the wife are still in bed. I am armed with my coffee and laptop.I

So, you’ve heard a great deal about the possibility of an in-house legal career as a viable (and fun) alternative to being in private practice – it’s all true. This article outlines several positive aspects (and a few not-so-good pitfalls

Congratulations on getting called to the Bar! This is a significant milestone marking your entry into the legal profession. From this day on, you have the privilege to serve the needy and vulnerable in our community, in a way only

I was managing partner of my former firm in the unsettling early 2000s when we were buffeted by wave after wave of external economic shocks - we were recovering from the tail end of the Asian financial crisis, then came

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Insurance Fraud Introduction Forensic science is a vast field, encompassing diverse disciplines that support a wide scope of investigative and legal applications. The use of forensic analysis may not be the first thing that springs to mind when

Disruption. This is one word that can be used in response to any sentence involving COVID-19. In an age where the world is our oyster and we do not have any limits on where we can go and what we

Sees Success in Driving Adoption of Tech Solutions Across Law Practices of Different Sizes Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) have been adopting technology solutions to future proof and deliver enhanced legal services with Tech-celerate for Law, a support scheme with seven pre-scoped

It’s a familiar refrain. “Step up”. “Make more of a contribution”. “Show more initiative”. “Be more proactive”. Managers give these statements with heartfelt yearning for team members to stretch themselves, extend themselves and challenge themselves. There’s just one problem. Both