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Sees Success in Driving Adoption of Tech Solutions Across Law Practices of Different Sizes Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) have been adopting technology solutions to future proof and deliver enhanced legal services with Tech-celerate for Law, a support scheme with seven pre-scoped

It’s a familiar refrain. “Step up”. “Make more of a contribution”. “Show more initiative”. “Be more proactive”. Managers give these statements with heartfelt yearning for team members to stretch themselves, extend themselves and challenge themselves. There’s just one problem. Both

Pressure is an inevitable part of working in the legal profession. While the type of pressure might be different between those in private practice, government or in house legal roles, the impact of pressure on performance is real. Research into

This article is the second of the Law Society of Singapore’s Legal Research & Development department’s two-part series called “Microsoft Word hacks for young lawyers”. Introduction “I have an authority that was originally cited in full in footnote 1, but I’ve added

Insights from a Forensic Scientist Introduction Forensic analysis has emerged as a powerful tool for the justice system. Its unique ability to uncover the most vital piece of evidence can make or break a case. It can provide an objective explanation to

Insights from a Forensic Scientist Experts are given the privilege albeit heavy responsibility to express expert opinions in their respective specialisations to assist the Court in resolving legal disputes. Experts are expected to be objective, independent and neutral in their forensic

This article is brought to you by the Law Society of Singapore’s Legal Research & Development department. It marks the start of a series called “Microsoft Word hacks for young lawyers”. Click here to read the second article in the

Prevention and Management Strategies for Legal Professionals Introduction It is well-established that rates of depression and other mental illnesses are high in legal professionals. Emerging research has identified that judges, lawyers, and interpreters are also at increasing risk of vicarious traumatisation.

Pitfalls of Video Analysis in Traffic Collision Cases Introduction This article examines the differences between what a motorist or driver sees and what an in-vehicle video camera records. What a motorist describes after a traffic accident can be rather incomplete in

Lawyers will encounter clients with a myriad of emotional problems across their varied and complex work. Working effectively with emotionally vulnerable clients is essential across all areas of law. This is particularly the case in family and criminal law where