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Let me begin as lawyers do by stating categorically a caveat that I am no expert on mental wellness. I may have acted for clients who were diagnosed with some form of mental conditions but I suppose the reason why

How to juggle and balance life, work and hobbies Congratulations on getting called to the Bar. Most of you are probably wondering … SO NOW WHAT? Lawyers are essentially storytellers. Litigation lawyers construct the narratives of our client’s cases and defences.

And we are not ok. The toll of the pandemic is taking its course with more and more people admitting to struggles with mental health. Economic stressors, endless lockdowns, the stresses of working from home, in close proximity to others,

Dear Learned Friends, As a young lawyer, starting out just like each and every one of you, getting called to the Bar was an achievement on its own. Unfortunately, this milestone is one of the easiest battles out of many you

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate and welcome all of you to our noble profession. You should take pride in all the accomplishments that have brought you to this day. I am certain that all of you would

Why do you need to market yourself today? The fact is that marketing is generally not a term associated with the legal industry, most law firms and lawyers in Singapore have practically established themselves by their professionalism, reputation, and efficacy.

Imagine this scenario. A female practitioner sends a group e-mail to several members of the Bar, Judges, and a few Ministers of Parliament, both male and female. In the greeting, the female practitioner addresses all recipients with the generic greeting

Introduction A forensic review of an opposing party’s expert report is often undertaken when the client needs to independently verify or contest the validity of the report. A review report can be issued either concomitantly with or separately after an expert

Introduction Compared with cars and other four-wheelers, motorcycles are economical in terms of vehicle ownership, running costs, fuel economy, parking fees and maintenance. Motorcycles offer the convenience of manoeuvring easily through congested roads and require less parking space than four-wheelers. Motorcycle

1. What was the transition like from working in the office to working from home? I consider myself fairly tech savvy but even I could not anticipate the demands and needs of working from home brought on by COVID-19. The transition