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CEO’s Message

Dear Member,Some mornings, I wake up feeling like I’m really God-sent. I’m a fantastic employee, a wonderful daughter, mum and wife (a great person basically) and I’ve got everything figured out. I exercise regularly, watch what I eat and achieved

Dear Members,Secretariat is looking forward to working with Council 2020. As we bade farewell to Mr Anand Nalachandran and welcome Mr Derric Yeoh, our newly elected junior category Council member, we enter 2020 guided by experienced hands who are well-placed

Dear Members, Singapore Mediation Convention The United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, or what is widely known as the Singapore Mediation Convention, was signed by 46 States in Singapore on 7 August 2019. Intended to facilitate the enforcement

Dear Members,I had the good fortune to be invited to present on the Law Society’s globalisation initiatives at the SMU Law Firm Management Symposium on 29 August during the session Grasping Economic Opportunities within ASEAN. Leading economist Song Seng Wun

Dear newly minted advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore,Heartiest congratulations – you persevered through law school, endured Part B, stayed the course for your training contract, tolerated your supervising solicitor and colleagues, and still managed to convince

Dear Members, The commemoration of the bicentennial is an occasion for reflection, even for those who are disinclined to frequent introspection. It presents each of us an opportunity to vicariously reflect on the past achievements and mistakes of our forefathers to

Dear Member, Retool, refashion, reimagine, redesign, remake, remodel are just some buzzwords we use to label a Change. I have always thought of Change as a polarising topic. There are personalities who continually mourn the passing of a bygone era and

Dear Members,Technology, technology, technology. We are all tech this month with the launch of the Tech-celerate support scheme on 2 May in partnership with the Ministry of Law, Enterprise SG and IMDA and the launch at our Tech-celerate conference on

Dear Members, P&P Costs We ran a P&P costs survey which ended on 18 March and received feedback from 70 law practices as well as 174 individuals in their personal capacities from 95 law practices. The survey data was analysed, aggregated and

Dear Members, Transforming and Future-Proofing our Law Practices As you may have read in the Business Times (2 March 2019,, the Law Society recognises that smaller law firms may not have the resources to devote to or even consider legaltech adoption