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CEO’s Message

Dear Members, Hearty congratulations to the newly-called lawyers of the 2020 Mass Call! You would have been among the pioneer batch to receive the Law Society’s first ever Mass Call e-Goody bag and I certainly hope you will enjoy the benefits

Dear Members, On 12 June, we shared with you an infographic on the results of the membership-wide survey we had conducted from 13 May to 31 May 2020. The purpose of this survey was to obtain feedback from our members on

Dear Members, By now, we will all have paid our dues for our lack of preparations or are enjoying the fruits of our labour adopting (at least in part) the Chicken-Little mentality. Although I had been mostly working from home for

Dear Members, We are living in paradoxical times. We are called to solidarity while staying in solitude. We show love for others by keeping a wide berth. We fight for our freedom by forgoing it temporarily. The term “slowdown” peppers news reports on

Dear Members, Secretariat wishes all members a very happy new year! We usher in 2020 with uncertainties and challenges looming in the horizon. Are those clouds up above cumulus or nimbus ones? How will the economy perform this year? How much will

Dear Member, Some mornings, I wake up feeling like I’m really God-sent. I’m a fantastic employee, a wonderful daughter, mum and wife (a great person basically) and I’ve got everything figured out. I exercise regularly, watch what I eat and achieved

Dear Members, Secretariat is looking forward to working with Council 2020. As we bade farewell to Mr Anand Nalachandran and welcome Mr Derric Yeoh, our newly elected junior category Council member, we enter 2020 guided by experienced hands who are well-placed

Dear Members, Singapore Mediation Convention The United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, or what is widely known as the Singapore Mediation Convention, was signed by 46 States in Singapore on 7 August 2019. Intended to facilitate the enforcement

Dear Members, I had the good fortune to be invited to present on the Law Society’s globalisation initiatives at the SMU Law Firm Management Symposium on 29 August during the session Grasping Economic Opportunities within ASEAN. Leading economist Song Seng Wun

Dear newly minted advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore, Heartiest congratulations – you persevered through law school, endured Part B, stayed the course for your training contract, tolerated your supervising solicitor and colleagues, and still managed to convince