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CEO’s Message

Dear Members,Technology, technology, technology. We are all tech this month with the launch of the Tech-celerate support scheme on 2 May in partnership with the Ministry of Law, Enterprise SG and IMDA and the launch at our Tech-celerate conference on

Dear Members, P&P Costs We ran a P&P costs survey which ended on 18 March and received feedback from 70 law practices as well as 174 individuals in their personal capacities from 95 law practices. The survey data was analysed, aggregated and

Dear Members, Transforming and Future-Proofing our Law Practices As you may have read in the Business Times (2 March 2019,, the Law Society recognises that smaller law firms may not have the resources to devote to or even consider legaltech adoption

Dear Members,As Council, Committees and Secretariat busy ourselves with the 2019 workplans and budget, we are all aligned to the common objective of ensuring that the Law Society remains relevant to and serves the needs of our members. We ask

Dear Members,I would like to wish all members a very blessed New Year, best of health and success at every turn!Secretariat extends our warmest congratulations to our Law Society President Mr Gregory Vijayendran SC who was bestowed the honour of

Dear Members, It’s December. Christmas. Advent. A time of reflection and thanksgiving, putting me in a reflective mood as I look back to two Decembers ago when I first assumed my current role. I remember it took me ages to come

Public Consultation on Civil Justice Reforms The costs proposals made in the Civil Justice Commission (the CJC) Report, namely (1) the introduction of scale costs; and (2) equalising party-and-party costs with solicitor-and-client costs (the Costs Proposals) in Chapter 16 of the

Dear Members,With the advent of new technologies, my monthly SLG message is now automatically generated.I wish. Well, a man (and a woman) can hope, can’t he (or she)? Until then, I have to get down to writing this, writer’s block

Dear Member,Ayubowan (meaning “Long Life” in Sinhalese)! As part of the Lawyers Go Global (LG2) programme, the Law Society of Singapore organised a Mission to Sri Lanka from 10 to 14 September 2018. It was an intense four-day mission trip

Dear newly minted advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore,Heartiest congratulations to each of you and welcome to the family! There has been a steady increase in our membership over the last five years, from 4,486 members in