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Travelling abroad was something that many of us had taken for granted, at least until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Two years of being confined to our tiny nation-state has caused me to sorely miss the array of sights and sounds

The small, picturesque Austrian town of Hallstatt is rapidly becoming a popular holiday destination for Singaporeans and other tourists alike. Offering breathtaking postcard-worthy views, it is not difficult to see why. Neighbouring Slovenia and Croatia too, see waves of tourists

Beyond the iconic red “Routemaster” buses and the Tower Bridge of London, there is much more to explore and see in the United Kingdom (UK). In this article, we cover some “off the beaten path” experiences one can have in

he tragic news on young Grace Millane’s alleged murder while solo travelling in New Zealand shook the world. The fact that she was killed in a first-world, developed nation and not in your typical “avoid-at-all-costs” third-world country made the tragedy

 have been tasked to write a “travel” article but I do not consider myself an expert on travelling. In fact, I hardly travel although I love travelling. I know some of my peers have a need to travel at least