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Corporate Law

The volume of accessible data is growing today. Big data is attractive. It promises insights that many assume have the potential to unlock business opportunities and to help improve products and service, driving business growth. To unlock personal data for

Recent developments in the US and China have led to growing uncertainty as to whether Chinese companies can continue to list in the US, and if existing companies may be forced to delist. In recent years, the Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies or “SPACs” have seen a phenomenal rise in recent years with SPACs listings making up more than half of the public listings in the US in 2021. We also see billionaires and celebrities investing in SPACs

Lawyers are talking to lawyers about lawyers. In January, I raised the issue of young lawyers leaving the profession. There was a spike in the number of lawyers in the Junior Category giving up their practising certificates. It sparked off a national

Introduction This article is intended to assist busy legal practitioners who may be contemplating, or who may have already taken up, an executive appointment with a business entity concurrently with their practice of law. The question of whether a legal practitioner

Law Society President Adrian Tan has raised the perennial problem of young lawyers not staying long on the legal course. This reminds me of my own legal journey. Next month will mark my 25 years in law. And it was

The Law Gazette speaks to the two newest members of the Council who just took office in January 2022, Darryl Chew Zijie and Sarah Ephesians Tan, who are also junior category lawyers. Here’s what they have to say about law

Since time immemorial, lawyers have been glamorized and romanticized from Hollywood to Mediacorp in movies, dramas, the media, and basically by everyone. Lawyers are glamorized and romanticized because becoming and being one is not easy. Law faculties around the world

I have followed the recent discussions on the exodus (also known as “The Great Resignation”), particularly of younger lawyers. This has raised concerns. Is the attrition rate a sign of something direr? Having practised law for close to 30 years, I

Plants were never my thing. Ask anyone who has ever known me. I have always enjoyed being out in nature and going on hikes, but I never had any real interest in growing or caring for plants. All that changed