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The Young Lawyer

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a fourth year PQE in a small firm which does mainly civil litigation. Recently, my partner approached me to do a trial with him where I would be first chair and conducting the trial. I did

Dear Amicus Agony,When I first started practice, I had joined this law firm where I felt miserable the whole time. The boss would deliberately call the office at 5-6pm on Friday evenings to give us “urgent research” to be done

Dear Amicus Agony,I have been considering whether or not to submit a formal request to my supervising partner for a secondment to a client (whom I potentially see myself working for in the long-term as an alternative to private practice).

Dear Young Lawyers,The first two to three years of practice have been quite the journey. It is true that being in practice teaches you lessons you never would have learnt in school. In having this opportunity to write this piece

Amicus AgonyDear Amicus Agony,I’m often caught in a dilemma trying to balance my billable and non-billable work. As we work in a pool system in our firm, I can sometimes get billable work from one partner and non-billable work from

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a newly-qualified lawyer. I am very strict when it comes to following the rules and procedures. I do not want anything or anyone to ruin my chances at becoming Senior Counsel, which is my ultimate goal.Recently,

Dear Amicus Agony,I am a first-year associate who is new to legal practice. On a daily basis, I endure verbal abuse from one of my senior partners. He says my drafts are “terrible” and routinely calls me “stupid” and “inept”. Often, he

Amardeep Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh was one of the recipients of the Law Society’s sponsorship for young lawyers to attend overseas conferences. As part of the sponsorship, the recipient must submit a paper on the conference that he or she

Dear Amicus Agony,I am an associate in a law firm and thinking about making the switch in-house. Is there a "way back" to practice if I feel more suitable for practice thereafter?Confused Lawyer Dear Confused Lawyer,Good news is, these days skill

Dear Amicus Agony,I am in love and I do not know what to do. I am very smitten towards this girl who works in another law firm. We met at a CPD event and it was love at first sight.