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In Memoriam

Our beloved Dean Salleh passed away on 17 February 2022, leaving behind a gaping hole in our hearts and in the Personal Injury and Property Damage (PIPD) bar. A well-spoken and highly talented lawyer, Dean’s blazing tenacity and grit were

Irving was many things to many people. Irving the Student (University and Bar Days) I first met Irving during our undergrad years in England. He was always properly dressed – with long-sleeved shirt and a larger than life persona. He was, after

Tributes from Friends in the Legal Fraternity “I first got to know Malathi well when I joined Council as a member in 2005 (and she was already Treasurer), and both of us took our positions seriously and worked closely together on

Working and Partying Together I first met Vincent Wong when he joined our practice at ATMD Bird & Bird in late 2008 as an associate. He assisted me in many litigation and arbitration matters from that time up to about 2012

When we received calls on Sunday 30 May 2021 that our soon to be called former pupil Vikram Kumar Tiwary had passed away peacefully in his sleep the previous day, we went into a numb shock. Vikram was only 28

It is a bitter-sweet honour to be penning this for my good friend and buddy, Mr V Subramaniam. His life and mine had intertwined for years. It is also with a great amount of irony that I am penning this.

Dear Mr Lee Cheong Hoh, To a senior lawyer whom I won't forget I will forever remember your patience when you listened to me. I had complained about law practice when I met you in the Court. You listened to me and assured

Dr Gopalan Raman was born in 1938 in Chendoroh, North Perak. He came from a rather poor family. In 1948 his family moved to Singapore which changed his life. After completing his primary education he was accepted into Raffles

Not all of you would have known or even met Zaminder Singh Gill. Zaminder was a lawyer in private practice. Unfortunately, Zaminder went through a difficult time in his personal and professional life recently. He passed away on Monday morning

Lawyer Ng Hwee Cheng Doreen passed away peacefully in her sleep on 10 October 2016 at the age of 77. She is best remembered for her unflagging passion for law and strong support for legal education. In September this year,