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In Memoriam

I joined the Legal Service on 1 December 1985 and was posted to the Registry of Companies and Business, which was then at Colombo Court. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I reported to work very early, at 7.30am. I expected

I consider it an honour to have been asked by the Law Society to write an article about the late Mr Lim Ewe Huat.My first encounter with him was as a lecturer in the older English doctrines in Civil Procedure

The most striking memory of Mr Lim Choon Mong (“LCM”) for most lawyers must be the sight of LCM holding court at the Subordinate Courts Bar Room, telling war stories to a circle of captive lawyers, with plumes of smoke

Joseph Grimberg was an exceptional lawyer and, above all, a person of integrity and honour.Joe, as he was known to almost everyone, said he chose Law, not out of an overwhelming desire to be a lawyer, but because he had

We are saddened by the demise of our Percy Cyril Sirisena Mendis. Percy departed earlier this year ­­on 26 March 2017.