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The last mile is a concept that specifically focuses on the movement of goods or services from the distribution centre to the destination - this final aspect of the supply chain is often the most difficult and expensive than any

There is a feeling in the legal world that fundamental change is something like turning the Titanic. Many of us believe deep down that, no matter what happens, most things will be the same five or even 10 years hence.

The use of artificial intelligence software to identify possible items of concern in legal documents is well established. However, the real possibilities are only now being opened up with a new generation of systems.Breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language

Introduction In the late Professor Stephen Hawking’s final book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, the eminent physicist provided his personal take on some of the biggest questions in science. On the question “Will artificial intelligence outsmart us?”, Professor Hawking

On 8 and 9 October 2018, LawSwitch co-founders, Tim and Fiona Kirkman, from Sydney, Australia presented at both the Law Society of Singapore and the Future of Law and Innovation Programme (FLIP).They shared a little as to their journey

Introduction - The Cyborg Lawyer Man-machine hybrids such as cyborgs have long been a staple of science fiction stories and movies. Typically, fictional cyborgs emanate both foreboding (think Darth Vader of Star Wars) and invincibility (think the Borg of Star Trek –

A report released in May 2018 by the Law Society of England and Wales, titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession” (AI Report),[ref] The AI Report can be downloaded from <> (accessed 24 September 2018).[/ref] highlights the growing influence of

Any organisation handling sensitive data should take their cybersecurity seriously. This is especially true when most of the developed world are integrating several of their critical operations with advanced technologies ranging from the Cloud, to various project management services supplied

Maximising resources, increasing revenue, elevating the firm’s presence: these are constant challenges law firms face today. While the legal industry has traditionally been snail paced in keeping up with the tech adoption curve, such challenges have put undue pressure on

It is no secret that the legal space has formed a reputation for being archaic and inherently resistant to change. However, increasing external pressures are forcing firms to bridge the gap between the profession and the use of technology. There