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I had just stepped into the lift when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Hi, you’re Lara Q, aren’t you?” “Er, yes, that’s me,” I said, a little bewildered. I did not recognise the lady. “I thought I recognised

People often fear what they do not understand. Indeed, legal-tech has been met with much hesitation - after all, its underlying technology and software are concepts unfamiliar to many lawyers. Many tend to view legal-tech as an abstract concept that

When we ushered in the new decade on 31 December 2019, few of us could have imagined that our lives in 2020 would change so drastically. In a flurry, we went from our normal lives into a circuit breaker and were

The challenges presented by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been unique, unprecedented, and wide-ranging, upheaving our personal and professional lives with a “new normal” that has changed the very fabric of society. Stay Home Notice (SHN), self-isolation, social distancing, and work

Legal Technology in Singapore Technology is changing the way legal services are delivered and will help power the growth and development of Singapore legal services. Through incorporating technology into legal work, there can be improvements in work processes, resulting in higher

Singapore Law Practices today face far more challenges than before. Despite this, the opportunity exists to be bold and reward those that venture out. Thankfully, schemes like Tech-celerate for Law and its predecessor, Tech Start for Law in 2017, have been

Paralegal Mr Richard Lim has served the law industry since before the paralegal title even existed in Singapore and typing seven copies of a document was all in a day’s work. At tech-enabled Covenant Chambers LLC these days, though, life

Lawyers spend most of their time drafting or working with documents, but typical attorney document workflows fail for three reasons: they don’t maximise profitability, leverage prior knowledge, or incorporate final transaction management. Transactional lawyers spend the majority of their time creating,

Rising Complexities and Opportunity Costs Every year globally, millions of documents pass through the hands of lawyers to build cases for their clients and this only grows over time. According to the Future Ready Lawyer’s Survey which interviewed 700 lawyers across

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution where the rise and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing, robotics, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies are transforming businesses, industries, economies and completely