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Law Fraternity Games 2024

The annual Law Fraternity Games (LFG) 2024 was held from 2 to 3 February 2024. A long-standing tradition of LFG is for members of the Law Society of Singapore (LSS) to intermingle with aspiring lawyers, paving the way for connections and friendships to be formed.

The turnout for the LFG was met with active participation from LSS, NUS Faculty of Law (NUS), SMU Yong Pung How School of Law (SMU) and SUSS School of Law (SUSS).

Showing superb abilities across all games, LSS got first place for all of the games it was represented in. SMU also obtained joint first with LSS in Soccer (Men). It was also heartening that all participants showed sportsmanship and each of them did their best for their respective institutions. The results of all games were as follows:

A closing ceremony was held at the Law Society Members’ Lounge on 4 February 2024 and representatives from all four institutions attended. Participants were treated to a buffet spread but nothing could beat the friendly interactions that everyone had with one another.

For the LSS LFG Sub-Committee and the student convenors who had contributed their hard work and efforts, a big thank you! They were:

  1. Ivan Yap (LSS)
  2. Ufairah Akram (LSS)
  3. Alvin Lin (LSS)
  4. Tan Yi Hao (NUS)
  5. Alex Lim (NUS)
  6. Moses Koh (SMU)
  7. Tanya Rai (SMU)
  8. Therese Ng (SUSS)

Last but not least, the event would not have been possible without our sponsors. A big thank you goes to:

  1. Gush;
  2. Sequence; and
  3. Sunny Side Up

Badminton Law Fraternity

Bowling Law Fraternity

Squash Law Fraternity

Pool Law Fraternity

Tennis Law Fraternity

Touch Rugby Law Fraternity

Football Law Fraternity – LSS v SUSS

Football Law Fraternity – NUS v SMU

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