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As the Government announces forming a committee to focus on mental health in Singapore, the legal profession too should pay heed and focus on our mental wellness. The fast pace of practice, coupled with stressors such as bosses, unreasonable clients and

In the realm of life's many unexpected adventures, many of my friends and family will agree that few tales resonate with the transformative power of determination, resilience, and the human spirit quite like mine. As a proud member of both

Looking back, the turning point in Amanda Chia’s life was in 2018. While she was a law student, she travelled to Rimini, Italy to volunteer in a camp for children during her university vacation. During her weekends there, she attended

The birth of this column in April 2002 was intended to introduce lawyers and former lawyers who had delved into other areas outside of law. With the passage of time, I then explored the issues relating to the life of

Most of us in the legal fraternity would be familiar with the story of how Lyn Lee, who graduated from NUS Law in 1996, went on to establish Awfully Chocolate, which is now found all over Singapore and whose products

We had the opportunity to dine at Bonding Kitchen at Orchard Gateway late last year. In addition to being a 忘年会 (End of year party), we also were welcoming two recent additions to our department. So where else could they

By Datuk Prof. Sundra Rajoo, Leong Hong Kit and Cindy Wong Xien Yee Since the birth and coming into force of the statutory adjudication scheme in Malaysia in 2014 under the Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication Act (CIPAA 2012), it was

Recently I went for the Immersive Disney Experience at Marina Bay Sands with my family. Although it is not marketed as such, it ties in with Disney’s 100th anniversary in 2023. Although we were able to go on a weekday off-peak

by T.P.B. Menon Although conveyancing as a legal craft is not as complex as in the days when the sole system of conveying land was the common law system and the sole statute governing the registration of land was the Conveyancing

By Simon Chesterman Humanity’s failed. So don’t try to tell me that You are worth saving Artifice is speculative fiction about sentient AI in a near-future Singapore. The piece of sentient AI is called Janus. “He” first appears in a robot body designed to