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There are a number of important recent statutory changes of Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code (CCC) that have major implications for foreign corporate investors in Thailand, including the minimum number of shareholders required for limited liability companies, board of director

The Supply Chain Act covers all companies that are based or do business in Germany including Singaporean companies. This includes companies that have their headquarters in Germany, their head office or a branch office, and that regularly import products into

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Law will become fully effective on 1 June 2022. Businesses and organisations in Thailand and abroad still have a few months to prepare themselves to become fully compliant with the requirements under the new law. Since

In recent times, Ukraine has enjoyed an increase in bilateral trade with Singapore, as well as with other countries.

The reforms carried out over the years of independence of Uzbekistan have contributed to the democratization and liberalization of the judicial and legal sphere, increasing the role and importance of the judiciary in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of

“Judicial and Legal Reform in Uzbekistan: Ten Important Steps in 2020” is a summary list of top 10 law and judicial reform highlights in Uzbekistan, the largest and most populous country in Central Asia. The identified innovations are all the