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NUS Law has received a S$1.1 million endowed gift from alumni, friends, philanthropists and members of the legal profession to establish the Chan Sek Keong Visiting Professorship in Public Law. The Professorship celebrates Mr Chan Sek Keong’s far-reaching contributions to the

The Public Defender’s Office was launched in December 2022 to provide criminal defence aid for eligible accused persons facing non-capital charges and cannot afford legal representation. Eight months on, we speak with the Chief Public Defender, Mr Wong Kok Weng

This speech was delivered by Vice-President Chia Boon Teck at the afternoon session of the Mass Call on 21 August 2023. First of all, welcome to the legal profession and let me congratulate all of you and your proud parents on

This message was penned by President Adrian before his passing on 8 July 2023.

Good day my newly-called Learned Friends! On behalf of the Young Lawyers Committee (YLC) of the Law Society of Singapore (LSS), congratulations on being called to the Bar! Having heard the term “Learned Friends” countless times, you are now one of

In the course of your career you will face obstacles, dilemmas and quandaries. It can be useful to get a different perspective on a problem or a helping hand from a colleague, senior, elder or friend. Help and solutions can

21 to 24 February 2023 “안영하세요 저는 이름이 마이클입니다. 저의 명함입니다.” (Hello, my name is Michael. This is my name card.) With that introduction, which I repeated at least 67 times with various persons whom we met in Seoul Korea, I tried my

The legal profession is shrinking. Why does this matter to Singapore? What can we do about it?

Tribute to Justice of Appeal Andrew Phang On 28 November, the Chief Justice, the Attorney-General and other top names in the legal profession gathered in the Supreme Court to pay tribute to Justice of Appeal Andrew Phang Boon Leong in a