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I was thrilled when on 23 July 2018, the news first broke to the public that a new United Nations (UN) treaty on mediation will be named after Singapore, following the recommendation to sign the treaty in Singapore at the

The Singapore government is taking significant steps to boost Singapore’s appeal as a regional hub for start-ups and venture capital investments. However, despite the boom in such investments, there is a lack of an industry standard in Singapore and the

and the Relevance of the Law Society’s ADR Schemes With a growing number of individuals and companies using the Society’s “LSXS” (a collective term we will use for reference to the Law Society Arbitration Scheme [LSAS], the Law Society Mediation Scheme

The Legal Aid and Advice (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Parliament on 19 November 2018. This article discusses the significant amendments under the Bill which are not related to the Legal Aid means test. Information on the means-test related

In the last few decades, alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity amongst individuals and businesses looking for a better way of resolving their disputes. The Court is no longer the “first stop” that parties

Dentons Rodyk sent a contingent to participate in this year’s Chingay 2019 with a special focus on commemorating Singapore’s Bicentennial. It is the first time a law firm has participated in the Chingay festival.The theme for Chingay 2019 was “Dreams

A Singapore delegation of 12 lawyers, led by Chairperson of the Law Society of Singapore’s Intellectual Property Practice Committee Mr Jonathan Foong, set off for Hong Kong on a mission from 4–7 December 2018 to build on existing linkages with

Commendation ListThe list of top 26 candidates was based on the distinctions awarded to candidates.Prize Award ListPursuant to Section 4(1)(g) of the Legal Profession Act (Chapter 161), the Singapore Institute of Legal Education has resolved to award the following prizes:

The State Courts and Family Justice Courts Committee (SCFJCC) of the Law Society of Singapore, which co-ordinates the work of the relevant practice committees involved with the State Courts and Family Justice Courts, organised its second mission trip to Beijing

Charting the Course of Future Litigation With the recent furore over the proposed Civil Justice Reforms, particularly over the proposal for a scale costs regime, a flurry of Law Society committee meetings and townhalls (the likes of which have not been