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This is a synopsis of the e-Masterclass on Pricing Strategies for Legal Practice organised by the Law Society of Singapore and College of Law Australia/New Zealand on 12 May 2021. The author also wishes to acknowledge the use of the

The Legal Aid and Advice Act (Cap. 160) (LAAA) was amended in May 2019 to enable the Director of Legal Aid to appoint selected legal executives (LEs) in the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB), who have suitable experience and qualifications, as

Commendation List The list of top 18 candidates was based on the distinctions awarded to candidates. Name No. of Distinctions Position in Class Ivan Ting Jung Hoe 3 Joint 1st Wang Brian Ziqiong 3   Jansheer Ahamed 2 Joint 3rd Beh Wei Quan 2   Chng Qi Yun, Clarice 2   Chua Xing Jian Graham 2   Megan Chua 2   Abigail Fong Jing Xin 2   Daryl Gan

This citation was read by President Gregory Vijayendran SC at the presentation of the C C Tan award on 31 December 2020. Good morning friends. It is my privilege and honour to read the citation for the C C Tan

Mr Philip Jeyaretnam, SC I am deeply honoured to receive the C C Tan Award. I thank the Council of the Law Society for this award. I especially appreciate receiving it from President Gregory Vijayendran, who has devoted himself to the

Presenting a Multidisciplinary View in the Legal Profession The Double Degree Programme in Law and Liberal Arts (DDP) is a five-year honours programme offered jointly by Yale-NUS College and Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (NUS Law). Designed for intellectually

“The WJP is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting the rule of law. We believe that the rule of law is foundational to so much else that we are trying to achieve in this world whether it is economic

Recap of the Season This is the sixth[ref]The previous reports were “Some thoughts on a record-breaking 2014/15 season for Singapore’s international mooters”, Law Gazette, August 2015; “More thoughts on another record-breaking season for Singapore’s international mooters”, Law Gazette, June 2016; “Another

Revision and Update of Council's Practice Direction 3.2.1 on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Introduction It is estimated that up to US$ 2 trillion of dirty money is laundered globally every year. Although the main focus on anti-money laundering

More than 77% of lawyers prefer to have mediations conducted in-person and less than 2% would have mediations conducted in a mixed-mode fashion, i.e. a mix of attendees joining in-person and via video-conference. This was one of the key findings of