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1.0 Overview and Objectives About 25 Chairpersons and members of Law Society’s practice committees organised a trip to Wellington in early September 2019 to study the best practices in various practice areas. The LG2 staff, together with the CEO and Assistant

Amendments to the Legal Aid and Advice Act (Cap. 160) (LAAA) were made in November 2018. The significant amendments that were not related to the Legal Aid means test were explained in the May 2019 Singapore Law Gazette article “Strengthening

In 2017, the Law Society of Singapore (LSS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Guangdong Lawyers Association (GLA) with the aim of strengthening ties, promoting exchange as well as collaborating in mutually beneficial activities. In recent years, Guangzhou (in

Law, as a profession, can be challenging, if not downright stressful - the job is demanding, the hours are long, and the clients may not be the easiest to deal with. During these trying times, you may look at others thriving

Many Routes to Professional Excellence and Success It is well-known that the practice of criminal law is not the top choice for fresh law graduates. Often perceived as less glamourous and less lucrative than commercial litigation and corporate work, few young

This is the fifth annual review of Singapore’s performance in notable international moot competitions.

The mission to Sri Lanka (“Mission”) was the third trip of LG2 which took place from 10 to 14 September 2018. Seventeen practising lawyers with varying seniority and expertise joined this four- day trip, led by the President of the

I was thrilled when on 23 July 2018, the news first broke to the public that a new United Nations (UN) treaty on mediation will be named after Singapore, following the recommendation to sign the treaty in Singapore at the

The Singapore government is taking significant steps to boost Singapore’s appeal as a regional hub for start-ups and venture capital investments. However, despite the boom in such investments, there is a lack of an industry standard in Singapore and the

and the Relevance of the Law Society’s ADR Schemes With a growing number of individuals and companies using the Society’s “LSXS” (a collective term we will use for reference to the Law Society Arbitration Scheme [LSAS], the Law Society Mediation Scheme