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21 to 24 February 2023 “안영하세요 저는 이름이 마이클입니다. 저의 명함입니다.” (Hello, my name is Michael. This is my name card.) With that introduction, which I repeated at least 67 times with various persons whom we met in Seoul Korea, I tried my

The legal profession is shrinking. Why does this matter to Singapore? What can we do about it?

Tribute to Justice of Appeal Andrew Phang On 28 November, the Chief Justice, the Attorney-General and other top names in the legal profession gathered in the Supreme Court to pay tribute to Justice of Appeal Andrew Phang Boon Leong in a

This is the eighth annual review of Singapore’s performance in international moot court competitions. An overview of the results for this season is presented at Table #1 below, while Tables #2 and #3 provide a snapshot of the results of

Supported by the Law Society of Singapore, the Law Society Distinguished Scholar Award aims to motivate students from the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor programmes offered by the Yong Pung How School of Law (YPHSL) at the Singapore Management

Law Society President Adrian Tan gave this speech at Mass Call 2022. Congratulations on being called as advocates and solicitors. Today, each of you has been given something precious: a voice. Should you choose to speak in any court in the land,

Treasurer Paul Tan delivered this speech at the Mass Call on 24 August 2022. Your Honour, may it please the Court. My name is Paul Tan and I am from the Law Society of Singapore. Your Honour may recall that some 15 years

To my newly minted Learned Friends: Congratulations on getting called to the Bar! I know how tough it has been getting through law school, your training contracts as well as the Bar exam but you’ve finally done it and have

This month we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Singapore Law Gazette, or Law Gazette or SLG as many know it to be. The magazine is the official publication of the Law Society and is managed by the Publications Committee,