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Immersive Disney Experience at Marina Bay Sands

Recently I went for the Immersive Disney Experience at Marina Bay Sands with my family. Although it is not marketed as such, it ties in with Disney’s 100th anniversary in 2023.

Although we were able to go on a weekday off-peak session due to kindergarten being closed, it was still pretty crowded. Lamentably, thanks to dynamic pricing, this meant that we paid slightly more than the listed ticket price of $43 for a “premium” ticket (since the basic ones were sold out). The premium ticket also entitled us to a small poster, which we could choose out of a selection of five (on a first come, first served basis). Said posters are not otherwise available for sale.

Upon entry to the waiting area, there are photo opportunities with a giant inflatable Mickey Mouse and statues of Elsa and Anna. There was also a small colouring booth off to the side for the kids, and display stands showcasing the models that the animators based their drawings on.

On entering the theatre proper, we were led to an intermediate area where more colouring was possible, and amongst other things, a full, frame by frame breakdown of the drawings that were used to animate Cinderella’s magical transformation from raggedy maid to ball-ready princess. Considering that the extent of my animation capability is limited to stick figures on a flipbook, the intricate designs and details of each frame as well as the transition from frame to frame was really impressive.

After a brief jaunt, it was time to go into the show area (If I’m not mistaken, the show area is basically the entire first level of the theatre with all the seats removed). The pictures were projected on screens all around us, while the floor had interactive lights (the kind where the picture changes if you walk over or stand on the projected image). The songs played consisted of both the instantly recognisable hits from movies such as the Little Mermaid, the Lion King and Aladdin, as well as some lesser known ones (to me!) such as the Princess and the Frog. They even had the “Firebird Suite” from Fantasia (Oh the nostalgia of this one). Of course, what Disney showpiece would be complete without a version of “Let It Go” (there is a surprise during this song and at the finale).

Aside from the slight disgruntlement over dynamic pricing, the show was very enjoyable. I personally had a blast, and I think my kids enjoyed it immensely too. Check it out if you can!

The Immersive Disney Experience at Marina Bay Sands runs Tuesday to Sunday until 25 February 2024. Tickets start from $33.

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