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The Singapore Law Gazette

Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations 2019


The list of top 18 candidates was based on the distinctions awarded to candidates.

NameNo. of DistinctionsPosition in Class
Melody Hoay Hong Leng4Joint 1st
Wu Yu Jie4 
Chee Yi Wen, Serene3Joint 3rd
Cheng Le En, Leanne3 
Sim Jun Yi, Andre3 
Ho Yu Xuan2Joint 6th
Koh Thiam Kwee (Xu Tiangui)2 
Chan Mei An2 
Cheng You Duen2 
Jonas Chung Teck Hong (Zhang Defeng)2 
Ee Yong Chun Bernard2 
Lee Suet Yean, Cherlyn2 
Liu Siew Rong2 
Low Si Rong (Liu Sirong)2 
Seah Ern Xu2 
Shen Lin2 
Belle Tan Ling Yi2 
Yap Zhe You, Ryo2 


Pursuant to Section 4(1)(g) of the Legal Profession Act (Chapter 161), the Singapore Institute of Legal Education has resolved to award the following prizes:

NameSILE Prize
Melody Hoay Hong Leng
  1. Best Candidate on the Course
  2. Best Candidate in Real Estate Practice
  3. Best Candidate in Advanced Corporate Practice
Wu Yu Jie
  1. Best Candidate on the Course
  2. Best Candidate in Ethics & Professional Responsibility
Ho Yu Xuan
  1. Best Candidate in Insolvency Law and Practice
  2. Best Candidate in Cross-Border Transactions
Chee Yi Wen, SereneBest Candidate in Criminal Litigation Practice
Goh Sue JeanBest Candidate in Civil Litigation Practice
Koh Thiam Kwee (Xu Tiangui)Best Candidate in Family Law Practice
Chan Qin PeiBest Candidate in Admiralty Practice
Kwan Zhong-Hao, JoshuaBest Candidate in Intellectual Property Law Practice
You Honghan, IsaacBest Candidate in Wills, Probate & Administration Practice