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Remembering Our Consultant Percy Cyril Sirisena Mendis

Percy Cyril Sirisena MendisWe are saddened by the demise of our Percy Cyril Sirisena Mendis. Percy departed earlier this year ­­on 26 March 2017. Percy had been a Consultant with our Property Law Department from April 2006 until his death at the age of 77.

Percy’s passing was rather sudden as most of us, as well as his other friends, remember seeing him some days or weeks before his passing.

Percy was a quiet man, but an iconic figure, not only in the Property Law Department but throughout the whole firm. His knowledge and experience in Property Law was legendary and he never failed to share his vast knowledge with those who required assistance. Many young associates and fresh members of staff benefitted from his generous nature as he freely shared his experience and knowledge.

Lawyers from other firms would also seek him out, bringing their complex conveyancing problems to him and he would unreservedly share with them his views and solutions. He clearly understood what it meant to be in a fraternity. Percy had a strong sense of service and a grave respect for the law. We are grateful to Percy for his selfless assistance to clients and colleagues.

Percy also had a great sense of humour and a humility which defined him and his work. He was a fatherly figure in the Property Law Department and he never failed to inspire and boost the confidence of those around him. His sense of humour never failed to bring laughter and joy to the firm. And, he remained an active participant in firm life throughout his time with us despite the ailments attendant on account of his age. Percy would often join in our short firm trips, willingly participating and entertaining us with his jokes and good humour.

Percy began his working life as a teacher. As a lawyer, he continued the teaching profession’s finest traditions of sharing and caring. Being a man of great integrity, honesty and trustworthiness, Percy knew that we must always try to do for others what we wish they would do for us.

Dear Percy, your wisdom, guidance and the fond memories of you will be forever cherished. You will always be remembered by the Team at Tito Isaac & Co LLP. Farewell!

Colleagues from Tito Isaac & Co LLP

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