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CEO’s Message

Dear Members,

With the advent of new technologies, my monthly SLG message is now automatically generated.

I wish. Well, a man (and a woman) can hope, can’t he (or she)? Until then, I have to get down to writing this, writer’s block or not.

Back to reality, we held a free training session for our members on 9 October where the legal and technical co-founders of LawSwitch, Fiona and Tim Kirkman, shared their journey of developing and launching legal chatbot LawSwitch which can deliver a better client engagement experience. You can go to to view a product demo (how the chatbot overlays on your firm’s website) and sign up for a free trial. The couple has also just developed a new product Family Property which is especially useful for family lawyers, but could be customized in the future for probate and succession planning matters. They shared tips with members on questions to ask a tech vendor (such as extent of customisation needed and the corresponding impact on time and cost) and how to identify pain points in your work processes in order to employ technology to lessen the drudgery and make your work more fun. SNEF and Workforce SG then shared with members the WorkPro Job Redesign Grant which can be used to subsidise the cost of adopting technology to improve productivity. Contact us at [email protected] and let us help you navigate through your firm’s tech adoption journey.

If you still baulk at having to pay monthly subscription fees for tech solutions but want access to the latest legal jurisprudence and conduct your legal research in half the time to impress your client and the judge, hop down to our new extension at 37 South Bridge Road where we offer you a hot-desk with free access to Thomson Reuters’ Westlaw Asia as well as SAL’s LawNet. You just have to make an advance booking by e-mailing [email protected] or call 6538 2500.

The Women in Practice (WIP) taskforce’s online survey closed on 30 September and we will be conducting roundtable discussions to validate the survey results. If you are interested to take part, please drop us a note at [email protected]. The third WIP event, We Mean Business, will take place on 24 October and is jointly organised with ISCA so participants will have the opportunity to network with accountants. We will be discussing the unique ways in which women lawyers can pursue business opportunities.

Our CPD seminar on legal drafting skills, Calling a Spade a Spade and Writing for Effectiveness, held on 2 October, proved to be immensely popular as participants were eager to glean insights shared by Justice Choo Han Teck, Dr Michael Hwang SC and our current Vice-President Adrian Tan. Read here for the tips shared by Justice Choo during the seminar.

From 5 October to 5 November, we are conducting a closed consultation on the draft rules pertaining to the Unclaimed Money Fund and expect the framework to be implemented by first quarter next year. You may submit your feedback to [email protected].

With the close of nomination for the Annual Election of Council 2019 on 11 October, there was only election in the Junior Category. Mr Michael S Chia, Mr Gregory Vijayendran Ganesamoorthy, Ms Sam Hui Min Lisa and Mr Tan Gim Hai Adrian were deemed elected as Senior Category members and Ms Simran Kaur Toor was deemed elected as Middle Category member to Council 2019.

In my next message, I will share with you the results of our Legal Tech Survey as well as a brief report of our Annual General Meeting that took place on 12 October. Till then!

Chief Executive Officer
The Law Society of Singapore