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The Singapore Law Gazette

President’s Message

Welcome to the 30th anniversary of the Singapore Law Gazette!

The Law Gazette started in 1992. Does it seem a long time ago? Some of our advocates and solicitors may not even have been born that year.

Let me remind you what happened that year.

That was the year Singapore banned the sale of chewing gum. The idea was to protect the MRT from litter.

That was the year that cable television was launched in Singapore, by Singapore Cable Vision.

That was the year that Golden Village opened the first multiplex cinema in Singapore. It was called Yishun 10, and it attracted massive crowds.

That was the year the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore was formed to collect taxes from us. Ahem.

That was the year Corrective Work Orders were implemented. Litterbugs would be sentenced to collect trash and clean up public areas.

That was the year the Sentosa Causeway opened, connecting the main island of Singapore with Sentosa by road.

In that year, the Law Society launched its magazine, Law Gazette, as the voice of lawyers. Advocates and solicitors discussed legal issues. The inaugural issue talked about the legendary Practice Direction 1 of 1993, which dispensed with the wearing of wigs and bands (or “bibs”) for court attire. It was one of the moves introduced by the “new” (as lawyers referred to him at the time) Chief Justice Yong Pung How.

Over time, the Law Gazette has grown. Today, it is online, which facilitates searches, allows readers to delve into its archives easily, and saves the trees.

But what hasn’t changed is this: it’s still our voice, and our platform for discussion. Lawyers continue to use it to express their views on legislation, new cases, industry trends and (my favourite) the personal aspects of legal practice. Young and old, our lawyers share their experiences of practice and life as a lawyer. That’s what I most treasure about this magazine.

In this issue, do read “Mothers In Law” by Grace Morgan, as she discusses forming a group for parents who are practitioners. It’s typical of the sort of stories and activities promoted by Law Gazette, as we bring the legal community together.

Check back with me in 2052, where I shall update you on the next 30 years of this wonderful magazine.

President (January 2022 to July 2023)
The Law Society of Singapore