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The Singapore Law Gazette

Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations 2020

Commendation List

The list of top 18 candidates was based on the distinctions awarded to candidates.

Name No. of Distinctions Position in Class
Ivan Ting Jung Hoe 3 Joint 1st
Wang Brian Ziqiong 3  
Jansheer Ahamed 2 Joint 3rd
Beh Wei Quan 2  
Chng Qi Yun, Clarice 2  
Chua Xing Jian Graham 2  
Megan Chua 2  
Abigail Fong Jing Xin 2  
Daryl Gan Han Qi 2  
Goh Teng Jun Gerome 2  
Jared Kang Chern Wey 2  
Ku Ling Xuan Evangeline 2  
Arielle Lam Ke Xin 2  
Charys Lau Wei Ling 2  
Lim Jun Rong 2  
Lim Toh Han 2  
Low Jia Rong 2  
Mok Yik Hao, Eugene 2  

Prize Award List

Pursuant to section 4(1)(g) of the Legal Profession Act (Chapter 161), the Singapore Institute of Legal Education has resolved to award the following prizes:

Name SILE Prize
Ivan Ting Jung Hoe
  1. Best Candidate on the Course
  2. Best Candidate in Insolvency Law and Practice
Wang Brian Ziqiong Best Candidate on the Course
Rachel Boey Min Yi Best Candidate in Wills, Probate & Administration Practice
Nicole Chan Shu Wei Best Candidate in Advanced Corporate Practice
Chng Qi Yun, Clarice Best Candidate in Cross-Border Transactions
Megan Chua Best Candidate in Ethics & Professional Responsibility
Malcolm He You Feng Best Candidate in Admiralty Practice
Heng Shu Xian Genevieve Best Candidate in Intellectual Property Law Practice
Jared Kang Chern Wey Best Candidate in Criminal Litigation Practice
Ariane Kea Tong Best Candidate in The Law and Practice of Arbitration
Low Jia Rong Best Candidate in Civil Litigation Practice
Ng Ming Zhong, Daniel Best Candidate in Real Estate Practice
Usha Rani D/O Sadasivam Best Candidate in Family Law Practice