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The Singapore Law Gazette

The Law Gazette Goes Electronic

Dear Member,

For 25 years now, since 1992, the Law Society has been publishing and distributing our official journal the Singapore Law Gazette (‘Law Gazette’) in hard copy format. For many members, receiving a copy of the Law Gazette on their desk each month was a welcome package.

Your Publications Committee worked hard all these years to negotiate with various commercial publishers to have the Law Gazette printed in hard copy form and distributed to all members at no cost to the Society or to members. This was no easy feat.

However, with technological advancements and rising costs, this model is unfortunately no longer a viable option. As many of you know from our AGM and prior member briefings, our current publisher, LexisNexis has decided not to renew our contract to publish hard copies of the Law Gazette.

Having studied various options and associated costs, your Publications Committee and Council have reluctantly come to the conclusion that given LexisNexis’ decision, it will no longer be viable or sustainable for the Society to bear the costs for hard copies of the Law Gazette, going forward. However, this situation represents a valuable opportunity. As we enter into the 51st year of the Society’s existence, with effect from January 2018, the Law Gazette will be published fully online only, at

We have been working with a web designer to design a bespoke new Law Gazette website that is modern, interactive and user friendly. This electronic version will be compatible across different platforms, from mobile telephones to tablets and desktops. It will include features which are unfeasible in hard copy form, such as:

  • Key word searches
  • Sharing of articles
  • Printing of articles
  • Article recommendations
  • Listing of articles by popularity

We assure members that we remain committed to publishing quality content that is relevant and informative. We will also be brainstorming creative new ideas for columns, features and content post- transition.

We are excited to unveil the new website and look forward to sharing with members a brand new identity and user experience. Do check out All feedback, ideas and suggestions as we embark fully on this online adventure are welcome.

We encourage members to continue to read and support the Law Gazette in its new electronic and more environmentally-friendly iteration.

While we reminisce on the past with fondness and a little nostalgia, we aim to move forward positively in 2018 to embrace an advanced technological future for the Law Gazette.

Yours faithfully,

Gregory Vijayendran
Malathi Das
Chair, Publications Committee

Partner, Dispute Resolution
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP
Immediate Past President
The Law Society of Singapore

Publications Committee