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Spotlight on Tech-celerate for Law

Sees Success in Driving Adoption of Tech Solutions Across Law Practices of Different Sizes

Singapore Law Practices (SLPs) have been adopting technology solutions to future proof and deliver enhanced legal services with Tech-celerate for Law, a support scheme with seven pre-scoped solution categories that provides up to 70 per cent funding support in the first year of implementation. Under the scheme, 16 technology solutions ranging from baseline to advanced categories are made available to SLPs.

Unlike Tech Start for Law, the Tech-celerate for Law funding has been inclusive with a spectrum of small to mid and large-sized law practices benefiting from technology solutions from a pre-selected panel of technology vendors.

It has helped companies with hardware and software management systems that are on-premise to digitise onto the cloud to improve accessibility, prevent data loss with in-built data redundancy and ransomware protection, increase regulatory compliance with backups in the same region and enjoy substantial cost savings. Some also offer replication services that allow companies to quickly move data between data centers. in particular, has combined different software functions into an integrated one-stop shop. It provides a unique timeline view that gives users an overall view of any case and key features include data analytics dashboards, SOP builder, case templates, document assembly, time tracking, accounting and HR modules, conflict checks and intuitive document search.’s mobile app has helped SLPs access documents easily and increase responsiveness while on the go, and its cloud-based system has also enabled flexible work from home arrangements, while catering for unexpected situations such as the recent coronavirus outbreak that has prompted firms to offer remote working arrangements. 

Software is User-friendly

Jacqueline Chua, Managing Director of Jacque Law LLC, a boutique law firm of six to 10 users, shared, “We are happy to be using for our practice management system and TessaCloud for our document management system. It allows my team the ability to work remotely via the web interface, and to respond on the go with the mobile app. The system is also very intuitive and easy to use. As the firm’s founder, what attracted me to is the ability to control the viewing of cases and billing information on a case and user basis. This allows us the ability to control access to sensitive cases. The team also provides excellent customer service with its training in system onboarding and usage.”

Software is Cheaper, Faster and Better

Besides substantial cost savings, every facet of’s design and process flow has been carefully thought through and refined with many rounds of user testing and feedback to ensure that the system is very easy to use. New users have commented that they were able to go from zero knowledge to navigating the system comfortably within 30 minutes of one’s clicking around.’s synchronous two-way sync also allows e-mails and documents to be retrieved automatically between desktop and the cloud drive, while the in-built project management tools and easy retrieval has helped SLPs with building up their institutional knowledge management capabilities and ensure that no document gets lost. 

Software Helps Save Costs and Improve Efficiency

We are adopting to ensure that we increase productivity within the firm. We had switched over from other fragmented systems that do not integrate well with each other and offered very little features. Our internal analysis demonstrated that we could save substantial sums of money in annual costs simply by switching over to, and this helped us in tipping the decision to write-off our investment in our previous legacy system. We are also conscious about data privacy, something that is shared by the team. has saved us time by replicating commonly performed tasks for quick and effortless implementation. An analytics dashboard provides us with an overview of business operations and case management. This will ensure that the firm is managed optimally so that we can focus on the things that bring value to our clients,” says Bazul Ashhab, Managing Partner at Oon & Bazul LLP, a fast-growing 80-100 users firm that has its eyes set on regional growth.

Progressive and Supportive Change Management Helps in Ease of Software Implementation

Transitioning from archaic paper-based management or on-premise systems to cloud storage can be stressful due to the perceived steep learning curve for anything that is new, but it is increasingly becoming the everyday option as the benefits outweigh the costs and the few drawbacks can be easily managed. 

Joshua Tan, a partner from Aquinas Law Alliance, with his team of 25-35 users, commented that the switching costs can be mitigated with a responsive migration team and is excited about’s continuous innovation that can grow with the firm’s ability to digitise even more.  He says, “We chose over other solutions available in the market as’s user interface is so simple and elegant. The latency is low with quick system and document loading and we love the advanced search functions on the platform. The built-in document assembly function was especially useful in automating the creation of documents by generating them from smart templates. As we began using the solution, the’s technical team was also very quick and responsive to any questions that we had, something that was crucial to us given the fast-paced nature of our work. We look forward to the new and sophisticated features that are continuously being developed and added to the system by’s team, as well as to the constant refining of the platform to help us further streamline our practice management.”

The success of Tech-celerate for Law is evident through the wide range of small, medium and large law practices that have started to recognise the importance of digitising and streamlining to serve global clients, and more importantly, have taken actions to begin their transformation journey. 

SLPs who would like to leverage the support scheme have up to 1 May 2020 to submit their application. Visit for more information on Tech-celerate for Law: For further enquiries, please email [email protected].

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Cherilyn Tan is the CEO of Interstellar Group Pte Ltd which builds technology based on the current needs of the legal professionals. Trained in processes and technology, Cherilyn currently is also the product manager of She uses design thinking as a research methodology to understand the pains of lawyers and together with the team, develops technology to make the lives of lawyers better.