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Author: Low Kee Yang

The Challenging Case of Khan v Meadows The tort of negligence has evolved into a sophisticated and calibrated framework. Even then, aspects of this elaborate structure are constantly being tweaked and, sometimes, challenged. Most recently, in the UKSC decision of Khan

Tan Woo Thian v PricewaterhouseCoopers Negligent misstatement cases typically involve claims by the recipient of the statement. Since Spring v Guardian Assurance, there has been an increasing number of cases where the plaintiff is the subject of the negligent misstatement, which

Noor Azlin bte Adbul Rahman v Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd Medical negligence cases often involve much uncertainty and controversy. In Noor Azlin v Changi General Hospital, the High Court (HC) and the Court of Appeal (CA) dealt with important issues

Judges have consistently insisted that vicarious liability and non-delegable duty are separate and distinct concepts and should remain so. Yet, judging from recent judicial developments, the two appear to be moving ever closer to each other. Further, there is the