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Community Law

While the powers under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act (Chapter 178A, Rev. Ed. 2012) (MHCTA) in relation to the involuntary admission or detention of mentally disordered persons under dangerous circumstances is necessary for the protection of the health

A Practitioner’s View on the Issue of Financial Abuse of the Elderly in Singapore There are increasing anecdotal evidence of elderly suffering from financial abuse, but frustratingly, not enough debate and conversations on how to prevent it. This article aims to

Edited write-up from Welcome Remarks at webinar on Managing Conflicts of Interest for Legal Practitiones and Law Practices on 27 July 2021. The area of Conflict of Interest is of especial significance in the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules 2015 (PCR).

Introduction This issue of the Law Gazette features the practice of community law. In that light, I have been asked to share my experiences on criminal law practice. This made me think about the questions I am often asked, about the

This is a synopsis of the e-Masterclass on Pricing Strategies for Legal Practice organised by the Law Society of Singapore and College of Law Australia/New Zealand on 12 May 2021. The author also wishes to acknowledge the use of the

With the increased emphasis on wealth management and legacy planning in Singapore, there is a steady flow of people approaching law firms on solutions for such issues, or at least thinking about how best to provide for their loved ones

The Traditional Law Firm Business Model Advice is at the heart of every law firm’s business model, so why are law firms automating it? The answer to what seems like a contradictory practice lies in first understanding how traditional law firms

Imagine this scenario. A female practitioner sends a group e-mail to several members of the Bar, Judges, and a few Ministers of Parliament, both male and female. In the greeting, the female practitioner addresses all recipients with the generic greeting

Introduction A forensic review of an opposing party’s expert report is often undertaken when the client needs to independently verify or contest the validity of the report. A review report can be issued either concomitantly with or separately after an expert

“A Clear View of the Law” by Professor Low Kee Yang assumes a monumental task: to take complexity and to distill it into simplicity. In these unsettled and increasingly complex times, the law has filtered into all aspects of daily