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Never Too Young To…

In December 2017, DeepMind, a leading AI company, sent ripples through the AI world when it announced that it had developed a computer program (known as “AlphaGoZero” or “AlphaZero”) which learned the rules of three games – chess, Shogi and

Recent studies of American lawyers and their clients have revealed an interesting finding: lawyers and clients view lawyer effectiveness differently. Whereas American lawyers ranked legal expertise and knowledge of the law as their most important competencies, their clients emphasized regular

There are many different categories of lawyers but all of them are one of two types – they are either a master or a technician. These types are determined by their mental approach to work, not by their particular discipline

Firms in Singapore are Leading the Charge for Asia Singapore has made great strides in establishing itself as a leading regional legal hub. The past few years alone have seen the launch of the Singapore International Commercial Court, the Singapore

Moving from practice to becoming an in-house counsel has been an exciting and rewarding choice for me, although this might not be the best option for everyone. I think perhaps 50% of my original batch mates from NUS Law are

Firstly, congratulations on this milestone of your professional career! Numerically, the young lawyers’ community forms a significant demographic in the legal community. There were 1,825 lawyers qualified in the junior category of the profession in 2017. A junior category lawyer

Being called to the Bar is an honour and a privilege. Being a part of the noble profession opens up many possibilities for you. Some of you will stay, some of you will go. This article looks at some of

Does being a newly-called lawyer always entail being at the bottom of the food chain? Perhaps not. We speak to five individuals (both practitioners and non-practitioners) who have assumed leadership positions at a relatively young age. They prove that age

It was common in the past to hear senior lawyers telling associates “Don’t worry about business development. Just focus on developing your legal skills and meet your billable hours.” Those days are gone for lawyers in legal markets like London,

We have all exchanged a tale or two about bosses behaving badly. Or maybe some of you have had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of workplace abuse. Maybe these stories have made you think – What does