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Theme Issue – Public Law

This article examines the judicial articulation of unwritten constitutional norms in Singapore over the last few years. It takes as its starting point that the constitution is underpinned by foundational norms and the articulation of such norms is important to

There has been an increased interest in the field of administrative law in Singapore in recent years. This has been triggered by a number of significant developments in the field.

The Presumption of Constitutionality is an oft-cited but seldom explored theme in Constitutional Law, and would appear to have been settled after the Court of Appeal decision in Lim Meng Suang & anor v Attorney-General. However, the recent Indian Supreme

The review of decisions on grounds of irrationality (rationality review) is central to modern administrative law. Thus, Singapore’s courts have affirmed a general standard of rationality review, applicable regardless of a decision-maker’s office or the field he purports to have

Last year when the idea of a special issue on public law was mooted at the Publications Committee meeting, I was delighted to be tasked with assembling a veritable list of academic and practitioners to contribute articles to this edition.