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Famous Palace

Famous Palace is a new dining concept by the Famous Dining Group. They offer a wide repertoire of dishes with Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainanese and Peranakan influences.

Nestled in the tranquil ambience of Seletar Country Club, Famous Palace is a hidden gem that overlooks the panoramic view of the club’s golf course.

We were treated with a delectable six-course dinner at Famous Palace. As there were children dining that night, the restaurant was meticulous enough to modify several dishes to make the menu more child-friendly. I was pleasantly surprised at their attention to detail in this regard.

For appetisers, we were served a combination of deep-fried scallop with fish roe and fresh prawns with black truffle salad. The seafood was fresh and the truffle was not overpowering. This was a great start to the meal.

Next, we were treated to double-boiled chicken soup with morel mushrooms and peach essence. This came in a whole claypot over fire and the service staff served us with individual bowls of the piping-hot soup. The chicken was tender and the soup was hearty. The quality of the morel mushrooms was also excellent. It was clear that Famous Palace places emphasis on using quality ingredients in their dishes.

The next dish was the star of the night for me – baked cod fish with caramel sauce. I have never tried cod fish cooked in this style before and my taste buds were blown away immediately. The baked cod fish was crispy on the outside and yet succulent on the inside. The combination of texture and flavours made this dish highly enjoyable. The portions were also generous and there was plenty to go around – to our delight.

The next dish was equally enjoyable. The wok-fried Kurobuta pork cubes were served with asparagus, peppers and onions, over a black pepper sauce. The pork was juicy and not over-cooked. The black pepper sauce complemented the meat well and was not overpowering.

True to a Chinese course dinner, the last savoury dish of the night was noodles – braised vermicelli served in a traditional style claypot. The vermicelli was tasty and not too heavy. It was not difficult for us to finish off all the vermicelli, even after having three courses of food earlier. That said, we would have preferred there to be more minced meat in the vermicelli.

The desserts served were a wonderful way to end the meal. We were treated with two desserts: a chilled sago pudding topped with gula melaka and coconut milk, and a red bean Chinese pancake topped with sesame seeds.

The sago pudding was a delight. It paired well with the gula melaka and coconut milk. This dessert was not too sweet and authentic to its Peranakan roots.

We also enjoyed the Chinese pancake. The pastry was light and fluffy, which made this dish a joy to inhale. The pancake was also served with a generous amount of red bean filling, which was not too sweet.

I would highly recommend Famous Palace for all who are looking for a wide variety of Chinese food. There is something for every taste palette – ranging from Cantonese to Peranakan style food. Famous Palace is also a great option for families looking to have a nice meal out together in the idyllic Seletar Country Club.

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