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Author: Dr Andreas Respondek

Introduction Among the ASEAN countries, Thailand is one of Singapore’s most important trading partners. As a consequence of the pandemic, Thailand’s economy has been shrinking and company liquidations – both voluntary and involuntary - are clearly on the increase. Hence it

Even though asymmetric arbitration clauses seem to be used frequently in dispute resolution clauses for various industries, there is very little statutory guidance with regard to the validity of such clauses. Ultimately, the validity and use of asymmetric arbitration clauses

The Prague Rules were drafted by lawyers with a Civil Law background and were officially introduced in December 2018. Their goal is not to override any existing arbitration or procedural rules but rather to provide parties with another choice of how

International arbitration seems predominantly common law oriented and resembles increasingly American-style Court proceedings. It is therefore no wonder that over the years the various Queen Mary studies identify the same short-comings of international arbitration proceedings (ie, time and costs). As