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This article analyses two recent developments in the law relating to anti-suit injunctions to enforce arbitration agreements: (i) the first stems from the decision of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) in Gate Gourmet Korea Co. Ltd. and others v

I was thrilled when on 23 July 2018, the news first broke to the public that a new United Nations (UN) treaty on mediation will be named after Singapore, following the recommendation to sign the treaty in Singapore at the

This article discusses the importance of an autochthonous regime of law and how the development of such a regime can assist Singapore’s maritime industry. Introduction The maritime industry is a lifeblood of Singapore’s economy. There is constant pressure on Singapore

The Law Society launched its Neutral Evaluation and Determination Scheme (LSNEDS) to complement its dispute resolution suite of mediation (LSMS) and arbitration (LSAS). LSNEDS provides a very useful non-binding evaluation or temporarily binding determination to deal quickly and cheaply with